Tolfa Short Film Festival

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THURSDAY October 5 10:00 – Book launch “CELLULOIDE E CELLULOSA” by Giorgio Leonardi

This book is an itinerary through places and movie characters told by contemporary literature: a journey around a theme that has always fascinated the writers, emerging wonders and suggestions of the camera.


Wednesday, October 4, 10.00 am -Book launch "Una cuoca a domicilio" by Maria Elena Curzio

 "Una cuoca a domicilio" (A cook at home) by Maria Elena Curzio, in Magna Hall of Stendhal Institute

Life is mainly made of important events like graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, early communions and romantic dinners; then there are "Commanded" holidays like Christmas, New Year Eve, and what about Halloween's recurrence? Or sea trips?


INGRID BERGMAN in Santa Marinella,Photographic exhibition, from 4 to 8 october

" Ingrid Bergman in Santa Marinella" - International Tour Film Festival in collaboration with “Santa Marinella Viva” Cultural Association Onlus proudly presentsThe photographic exhibition