Tolfa Short Film Festival

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JUNE 5: I Rokketti

Mario Paparozzi, I Rokketti. From Pan square at the Reeperbahn. A  rock generation


 Started in 1958, the history of which is discussed in this book embraces all the next decade. What is still remembered as "The Fabulous 60s". Protagonists were the guys at Square Pan.                                            These kids today have become grandparents. But ..

In the crucial years related to the history of rock music, they have been involved in some extraordinary moments.

In Germany, in 1961, they meet and attend the "Tielman Brothers" - probably the best band on the road in Europe; soon after, they live the experience of Hamburg with the band destined to become the greatest of all time, the Beatles.

In 1965, their debut in Italy, at the Piper Club.  In '66 - striking fact in music – they break, spontaneously, the contract that binds them to CBS, one of the biggest record companies around the world.

Coming with original documents and testimonies, the book does not only tells the musical journey of a band, between the years 50 and 60, around Europe. It tells, above all, the story of five boys, sons of the province, who, more than fifty years ago, without economic means, but with so much courage, took the train and left ...

Mario Paparozzi, born in Civitavecchia, enters in The Rokketti in 1960, to go play in Germany. The tour, that was to last only a couple of months, lasts until Christmas of 1965.

Since January '66 the activity takes place in Italy, where the band receives acclaim, particularly in the audience who listens to live. Suddenly, at the beginning of '69, the group broke up.

Paparozzi becomes then recording agent, and in 1973 finds an old movie theater in Civitavecchia, that he transforms into disco ("Mammoth Club"). Today he runs a record store and musical instruments.