Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Black Café is a network dedicated to the spread and deepening of the culture and literature of the yellow kind, noir, thriller, horror and mystery. It Includes the Cultural Association of Black Café, the imprint Black Press, the Black Café youtube channel TV, the website  and the pages dedicated to popular social networks.

The pride of our business is the magazine Knife. Everything that  is "black" and mysterious - in film, literature and other art forms - finds space in its pages. Distributed in digital form free of charge and available in hard copy for our members

, by subscription or sale to a single number.

For the evening of June 2, we thought with some comparisons between authors of films, books and comics, alternating projections to reflect the spirit of Nero Cafe to bring together authors and readers, such as inside a building. A casual and culturally active site. An ideal Nero Cafe, to be precise.

21:00 confrontation between authors and publishers of horror, fantasy and thriller. Participating Francesca Costantino (writer), which presents his novel Children of Baal (Curcio); Mirko Giacchetti (writer and editor of Black Cafe) will present  The rule of the saint and the sinner (Dunwich Editions); Mauro Saracino (editor of Black Cafe, writer and editor) will talk about the novels he wrote and his imprint, Dunwich Editions.

22:10, Projection of the first episode of END, directed by Luca Alessandro and Allegra Bernardoni.

22:40 Meeting with directors and screenwriters. Starring cinema, literature, and their connections. Speakers director of Cineteatro Rome and artist Antonio Bilo Cannella, writer and screenwriter Mauro Saracino, directors Luca Alessandro, Allegra Bernardoni and Federico Greco. In particular, Luca Alessandro and Mauro Saracino, will talk about writing screenplays that are inspired by the novels of Saracino. Then with the other guests will know END: horror series supervised by Federico Greco and filmed by students of IMAX, Alessandro and Bernardoni.

23:10 Screening, Blood Dead, a short film directed by Pietro Tamaro.

23:20, The staff of Café Nero meets Baburka Production. The collective that has produced and directed the short film Dead Blood will tell us about himself and the side-project in comic form, which will be inserted in the magazine Knife.

Will be finally communicated the finalists of the contest "Premio Black Cafe for screenplays"

Coordinators of the evening: Francesco Lo Polito and Alberto Cattaneo (Black Cafe).