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FROM GOTHAM TO WONDERLAND - Tim Burton's visionary universe Journey

"From Gotham to Wonderland" (working title), an essay by Giulio Muratore, published and printed by Nero Press Editions , is an ideal literary path towards the discovery of the gothic-visionary universe of Tim Burton.

With this book, the young writer intends to retrace the most significant milestones of this American filmmaker
through an unconventional approach, not rigidly chronological development of his filmography but rather oriented to investigate the aspects of his poetry until now little known, partly neglected or subordinated to issues of
greatest commercial interest: the figure of the outsider, the representation of childhood, the role of women in
the evolution of the hero, the avoidance of sexuality in the narrative, the Gothic inspiration and the expressionist
One of the most interesting aspects of Tim Burton's cinema certainly concerns the relationship with the classic
cinema: as noted by many authoritative film critics, "his films are a universe that does willingly less of the
direction and the traditional narrative of American cinema. "
Nevertheless, it is precisely this characteristic that has made the filmmaker of Burbank under the limelight,
consecrating him as a child prodigy of postmodern cinema.
The distinctive character, subversive, original and innovative, of his works consists precisely in this ongoing
research and affirmation of the authorship, implemented through a total reversal of the expressive rules and codes.
With a style and artistic vision highly personal and identifiable, Tim Burton has managed to establish himself in the Hollywood scene as one of the most original and fascinating figures of the last twenty years. His own singular
visions have led critics to coin the neologism "Burton-esque ", a term that evokes immediately dreamlike worlds
and scenarios that can only come from the mind of Tim Burton.

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