Tolfa Short Film Festival

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"Ladies & Gentlemen...Alberto Lionello" Through the memories and the words of the actor in Milan and many were close - family (first of all the children Gaea and Luca Lionello, and companion, Erika Blanc), friends and colleagues - Chiara Ricci reconstructs that wonderful, valuable and complex mosaic that have been the life and career of Alberto Lionello.
From radio to television, from theater to cinema - have remained unsurpassed his interpretations of Giacomo Puccini, Rudolph Valentino, Leo Gala in The Game of Roles, Shylock in The Merchant of Venice and countless others - the great artist is a part of our show that can not and must not be forgotten, and that the younger generations will have the opportunity to meet and get to know through this book.

Twenty years after the disappearance, a sincere tribute, not nostalgic but alive and present memory of one of the greatest Italian actors that the show has ever had.

Chiara Ricci, writer and theater and film critic, published the book “Anna Magnani - Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore”,
with which  she won the International Award Giuseppe Sciacca.  Since 2003 she collaborates with the Italian-American playwright Franco D'Alessandro with whom she has written several articles for the event "A tribute to Anna Magnani" held in New York at the Westchester Italian Cultural Center on the occasion of the centenary of her birth. From her Master thesis was made into an essay published in Canada in December 2013: Naples Land of Love - The eye on the screen of Elvira Notari.
She currently works with sites dedicated to movies, lectures on the History of Cinema in Italy and abroad.