Tolfa Short Film Festival

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The third edition of Tolfa Short Film Festival will give a particular tribute to “the man became Pope”: Karol Wojtyla. In fact, we will have the opportunity to watch the documentary John Paul II, the blissful and sporty Pope directed by Tommaso Liguori. This documentary wants to remember the semplicity, the whiteness, the vitality of the young people’s Pope by watching him from a new point of view: his love for sport. But there is much more: the Festival will show many unpublished images and videos about the Pope.. but it is a surprise for the public!

And it is not a case that to direct this documentary – realized in 2012, in occasion of the first anniversary of the John Paul II’s beatification – is the editor-in-chief of the channel Sky Sport. In this way we have the opportunity to watch, to listen images, memories, the faces of the most important prides of the Italian sport: Diana Bianchedi, Vincenzo Montella, Salvatore Perugini, Ivan Ramino Cordoba, Alessandro Del Piero, Giovanna Trillini, Dino Zoff, Pavel Nedved, Antonio Rossi, Javier Zanetti, Fabio Capello just to remember some of them. So the sport becomes more human, easier because to talk about it there are its protagonists who made of their passions their life (soccer, canoe, fencing, rugby..). And today they are the same who teach to younger people, to the new calls-up, the importance of the sport, its real and deeper meaning.
To accompany the athletes and persons involved in the work ‘s interviews (just like the sport commentator Luca Marchegiani and Gianni Petrucci ex manager CONI) there are the wonderful images of John Paul II during his many meetings with young people, athletes. In this way we have the fortune and the pleasure to see again the sporting Jubilee listening the very important words of Saint Father.
In 1984, during the Mass for the International Sporting Jubilee which took place to the Olympic Stadium in Rome these were the words said by John Paul II:
“You try to use the sport like the analogy of the life, to learn living. The field of the game o the activity in gymnasium is like the life: one can doing sport to pass his time, to showing his muscles or to become much more himself. The sport’s value is that to be the life’s analogy, because the true field of game is the life. So, the sacrifice which the sport wants reveals its good nature and the need to motivte properly the sacrifice.  It needs to show the connection between sacrifice and result that is the advantage for a more human life. Then, if the young people grow up in their humanity, they will manage to doing better the sport. To win means to take advantage of talents God gave us. To lose means understand what talents we have and what abilities we have to understand yet. If I do my best and I lose it is not a defeat without value: I have to discover what my qualities are”.
Liguori’s documentary is a real hymn to the true, sincere, faithful love to the world of the sport, an hymn to the honesty, to the respect of the rules and to the deep desire of sharing, to the spirit of sacrifice… because it is from the sacrifice that a real sporty grow up. But not only: it is a tribute to a man who has always loved sport without renounce to skying, to swimming, to going in canoe, to mountain walking and without renounce wearing the sacred dress. He just preferred wearing comfortable gym shoes. It is a tribute to a man who has reached the heart of milion persons by sacrifice and perseverance giving them faith, support, goodness and teaching them the force of humility and will. It is a story about a man became Pope.. who has never stopped to keep inside him the soul of a true sportman: a souls’ coach.
Chiara Ricci