Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Tolfa Short Film Festival 2014: the winners

In thriller / mystery / noir section wins:

THE HEAT (Poland) by Bartosz Kruhlik

“Classic psychological horror with a few words but a lot of suspense that begins with the most innocent and tender sequences: the lovers on the shore of a lake. She walks away in a grove and she doesn't return and we rush in fear, in the emotional instability, in the ghosts, in the mind disorders of the boy, who is followed, threatened, raped by a relentless stalker, replacing - in imagination or in reality? - of the missing girl.”


Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror:

In  fantasy / scifi / horror section wins

UNBOXING ANNIE (Italian) by Claudio Di Biagio

Even the androids fall in love and for love, they kill. 

With a bold counterpoint between artificial intelligence and Alberto Rabagliati - singer on the radio that raged from the early '40s -, with the complicity of black and white and some quotes cult, the director leads with his steady hand,the love story with crime, at the time both romantic and futuristic, between a passionate doll-robot and a young actor.”


In the experimental section wins

LE LIVRE DES MORTS (France) by Alain Escalle

“It is true the formula of relativity where everything is changing and nothing is destroyed and, I might add, everything remains in the "memory". It is not sufficient the destruction of buildings, the dead buried, hidden, burned to erase what was the Holocaust. There remain,anyway, the tracks in the objects, in books, in the photos, but especially in the memory of those who lived it and those who have listened ... and life starts to go again.”


In the action/adventure/western section wins:

HIPOLITO VAZQUEZ (Argentine) by Matías Rubio                                   

“Some authors, such as the Argentine Osvaldo Soriano, revealed an aspect of football mythographic which is inspired by events experienced, as a player or a spectator, or feelings captured in the flow of memory, sniffed in the poetry of an athletic movement, evoked by a smell of a sports field. In this case everything is born from a remote circus where our Hipolito Vazquez comes across a new "wizard" of the ball.”


In the drama section wins

LAST CHRISTMAS (Germany) by Uta Seibicke

“Short but not small, the masterpiece concentrates in a minimalist work, all during a taxi ride, the German perpetual dramas,  first divided and then, perhaps, not yet united. Prime example of drama inherent in things and not designed as a genre.”


In the animation section wins:

ALFRED Y ANNA (Spain) by Juan Manuel Suárez

“Timing and rhythm right and well-defined characters allow the viewers to fluctuate between the feelings and actions of the two main characters and of the secondary that guide us towards the peaks of feeling as to confirm the sensations that arise in the viewer, giving even more strength to the history when they become certainties. 

The director, with great simplicity, makes us touch the daily lives of the couple's relationship in a fairy tale, but at the same time true and deeply human, leaving us surprised and bewildered, and somehow also thoughtful about ourselves. Impossible for somebody don't identify with the married couple.”


In the music-video section wins

DE VALSE OF JELLYFISH (Italy) by Gioia Di Biagio, Sara Taigher

“Excellent visual transposition, non-mechanical and non-fiction,of a piece of music in many ways extraordinary: as if the Piazza Vittorio orchestra could play a pop music.”


In comedy / humor / grotesque section wins:

ACTUALLY (Greece) by Fragkoulis Konstantinos

“Movies from the perfect rhythms and cadences, tragically comic and universal. Every act is well defined. We could be in any country and in any place. The director quickly manages to create empathy towards the characters and well defines the relationship between them giving the viewer the impression of being present and just a few meters from the absurd scene that is taking place leaving us amazed and smiling.”


In the musical section wins:

JE T'AIME (Finland) by Joel Rahkonen

“Je t'aime, moi non plus, as memorable as the music of Serge Gainsbourg in duet with Jane Birkin, it translates the pair sentimental and erotic into a surprising actuality, with lightness, through high educational function and anti-rhetorical.”


In the documentary section wins

AHORA NO AQUÍ (Chile) by Stefano Cipressi, Pamela Wulf

“On September the 11, 1973 in Chile, a coup endorsed by the United States overthrew the junta led by Salvador Allende, democratically elected and who died during the defense of the presidential palace, giving way to the bloody military dictatorship of General Augusto Pinochet lasted until 1988. At 40 years apart, so that a people without memory is not a people without a future, this documentary renews the memory of those tragic years. A film of Memory, therefore, not to forget all those men and women who fought and gave their blood for democracy, not only in Chile.”




Best Tourism Promotion Movie:

Barossa – Be consumed (Australia)




Special Mention of the Jury for the Web-


Johnny – La Serie (Italy) by Roberto D'Antona


Audience Award for the Web-Series:

#il10percento (Italy) by Andrea Baglio


Audience Award:

Asante sana (Italy – Tanzania) by Emanuel Jicmon


Critics' Prize at

THE MAN WHO HAS MADE A FILM (Syria) by Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad

The short film won thanks its high cinematic values, the open-mindedness and the ethical courage.

The short film, without rhetoric, with painful clarity, a pinch of irony and almost an unbearable dramatic tension, faces the horror of a film festival that is found to be theater of an invasive terrorism of the imagination more than of reality. The short film wants to underline That aggressive behavior born from the unconscious before becoming intolerable political tool.”


Award for the best national film

CARLO AND CLARA  (Italy) by Giulio Mastromauro

“To overcome our fears often we end up to cling to the Science. In a society where everything is planned and built also the desires can be realized with the support of medicine. But we not must settle of only one life but we must desire "new lifes". This is the way to continue to love without to believe in eternal life.”


Award for best international film

NO MIRES AHÍ(Spain) by Daniel Romero

“A real horror short film that doesn't regret the classics - Poltergeist and Rosemary's Baby - to which the director himself admits that he was inspired. The atmosphere, the ghosts, the unknown, the inexplicable are served with sparingly until the last shot. The tension and the domestic calm are carefully measured holding high the viewer's attention.”


Tolfa Cinema Award:

Orso Maria Guerrini