Tolfa Short Film Festival

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The Tolfa Short Film Festival is arrived at its third edition and it is a very good showcase for directors – more or less well – known  - coming from every part of the world so it do not forget to give tribute to the most important protagonist who have made great our Cinema and the history of our Show.

So, as it was for Anna Magnani and Vittorio Gassman last edition, this year will not miss tributes and homages to some of the most important artists of the Italian movie panorama (and not only) so we can remember and appreciate them just they undoubtedly deserve. But in this way new generations can produce a comparison and a human, intellectual, artistic growth.. spiced with healthy frivolity, comicality and real professionality.

Among the various events listed at the Tolfa Short Film Festival there is the tribute to “Albertone nazionale”, whom the Roman people has affectionattely called “the 8th King of Rome”: to the unforgotten Alberto Sordi. So, we will watch on the screen the docu – film directed by Carlo and Luca Verdone titled “Alberto il grande” realized on 2013 in occasion of the tenth anniversary from the actor’s death happened on 24th February 2003. Through this documentary  Verdone’s brothers with deep respect towards the Roman actor trace an affectionate and sincere portrait not only about an Artist but, above all, about a man with his habits, his ideas, his tics, his vices and his virtues. And for the first time Mrs Aurelia – Alberto Sordi’s sister who is dedicated the documentary – opens the doors of the beautiful house of Via Druso where the actor has lived since 1958. In this way we are led by Carlo Verdone (a sort of Virgilio whose Dante Alighieri wrote about  but we are not in the Hell but in the Seven Heaven where there is the source of the Italian Cinema) and on the tips and staying in silence we can go into the rooms of this wonderful house which reveals the true, authentic character of Alberto Sordi. He managed to make the Italian cinema and its comedy famous all over the world thanks to his unstoppable comicality, often cruel and underlined by a strong Roman accent but never intrusive. So who do not remember Nando Meniconi in Un americano a Roma? Who do not know the Marchese del Grillo who “sempre zompa..chi zompa allegramente bene campa?” Who do not remember Sordi’s face in Una vita difficile? Who do not remember him and his ugly face in I vitelloni and his mood of lady - killer in Lo sceicco bianco both directed by Federico Fellini. There are so many titles to remember.. but what is importanti is that Alberto Sordi has became – just liked it happened with the Commedia dell’Arte – a character, a character of the middle Italian man born when Italy was in full transformation and was growning up under many aspects: from demographic to cultural, from intellectual to technological.  We are at the end of Fifties and at the beginning of Sixties and in this period Alberto Sordi puts on the screen the image of the middle Italian and he becomes: husband, widower, policeman, lover, worker who has so little wish to work, bachelor, bigamous, swindler, penniless teacher with a deep ambition, kept man.. and we can go on just to his last movies where he is a father who is always searching new adventures, taxi driver, a little little bourgeois, prisonner who is waiting for the trial, marquis of the skull – cap Rome… but the face is alwys the same: that of Alberto Sordi.

This film realized thanks to the support of the Assessorato alla Cultura della Regione Lazio and of ArimVideo wants to tell about the artist and the man event through the memories and the precious contributions of friends and colleagues: Franca Valeri, Ettore Scola, Carlo Lizzani, Enrico Vanzina, Gigi Proietti, Claudia Cardinale, Pippo Baudo, Christian De Sica, Dino De Laurentiis just to nominate some of them. And to make this jewel more precious there are video fragments and unpublished images come from Medusa’s archives, Cinecittà Luce, Rai, Fondazione Alberto Sordi and Associazione Culturale Enrico Appetito.

So many friends, so many memories… it is a big feast and we can smile with Alberto Sordi and for younger people it is a wonderful occasion to meet a man who had – and has – a big humanity and who is – and was – so generous with his pleasantness!

Chiara Ricci