Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Massimo Spanopresents:  TO BE RICHARD… and the others

Conceived and directed by Giancarlo Scarchilli

A production Michelangelo Film

"TO BE RICHARD ... and the others," inspired by "Richard the Third" by W.Shakespeare,


The film was successfully presented at the 31th Torino Film Festival on November 25, 2013. Distributed by the Istituto LUCE, "TO BE RICHARD ... and the others" was presented in the Cinemas of Turin, Florence, Milan, Perugia, Rimini, Lugano, etc.., following the steps of the theater tour of "Richard the Third," by Alessandro Gassman .. Always with the Istituto LUCE, the film-doc. edited DVD is already in its second printing. Nominee for the 2014 Silver Ribbon - movie-doc section. Cinema, "TO BE RICHARD ... and the others "was also bought by Sky and RAI 1.

Artistic cast


Alessandro Gassman, Manrico Gammarota, Paila Pavese, Mauro Marino, Sabrina Knaflitz, Sergio Meogrossi, Marco Cavicchioli, Giacomo Rosselli, Marta Richeldi, Emanuele Basso





"I am not to be out of scale, but the world!" (Richard III).


"TO BE RICHARD... AND THE OTHERS  tells the story of a director-actor (Alessandro Gassman), which, while in his makeup in the mirror of dressing room, reviewing all that has inspired and led him to that night very special to him, that turns out to be the evening of the first of the play "R III - Richard the Third" by W. Shakespeare.

A director-actor goes through the historic center of a city (Padua) and enters in a building that turns out to be the Teatro Verdi.

Just get in his dressing room, he is 'attacked' by the ghosts of the characters Richard the Third (he) did eliminate to his thirst for power.

Once 'removed' the anguished ghosts, the actor-director sits front of the mirror. While make-up, he goes over the memory of one of the most significant monologues of Richard the Third.

In the next dressing rooms the other actors prepared, even repeating some few songs of the show. After the memory of another monologue, the director-actor concerns the mirror.

In flashback, he goes back to the first day of practice, when he explains to the company met on because of his Richard the Third and what they would like their show communicate to the public ... then he thinks back to the first reading of the text at a table with other players ... the construction of the most significant scenes... the first day they tried with the customs and set design mounted, two weeks before its debut in the theater. Everything returns in the mind of the actor-director while applying makeup in the mirror, until arrive the night before: the dress rehearsal of the show.

The actor-director has finished putting on makeup and getting dressed. Suddenly, a voice back to the present ... "Who is the scene?". His memories cease. It's time to enter the scene, to present himself to the public. The other actors are ready. The curtain opens. DARK. 



What prompted me to make this film-doc. on the work ofAlessandro Gassman was mainly the surprise that every timeI felt seeing, from a mere spectator, his talent as a theatrical director. Since his first work, "The force of habit", Alessandro Gassman hasshowed an original and unusual ability to communicate, even to the greatpublic, complex shows, both in language and matters. Suffice it toremember the brilliant staging of "Immanuel Kant" by the beloved Thomas

Bernhard or engaging ethical depth of "Angry Men", notspeak of the intense, desperate and poignant father-son relationship of "Romanand his Puppy. "

In summary, with "TO BE RICHARD ...AND THE OTHERS "I have sensedand groped useful to document the work of this important personality ofItalian show that, even today, many consider almost exclusively, just as an actor. Personally I find that the greattalent of Alessandro Gassman, in the theater, is precisely that of Director andArtistic Director, without taking anything away from his talent and stagesensitivity as interpreter.

Giancarlo Scarchilli.



Producing a film like the one made by Giancarlo Scarchilli makes meproud. I was certainly helped by the differen ideat, the modern approachthe director has found telling something that manyknow but that no one has ever had the sensitivity to deepenthrough images so intimate and evocative enough to take us on a journey tothe very essence of the representation and the birth of a play.

Producing films like "TO BE RICHARD ...AND THE OTHERS "is an ethical duty,moral and civil, a form of resistance to the intrinsic value of ourcultural roots, a wealth of ideas and knowledge that without adequatesupport and dissemination is likely to meet.

In this regard, I want to thank the Istituto Luce in Figures RobertoCicutto and Beppe Attene who immediately showed a rare sensitivityto believe and take in the distribution of the filmic work presented.

This great little miracle has been achieved thanks to the passion anddedication of all the professionals who took part, in the firstwith the main author of the play, "RIII - Richard the Third,"Alessandro Gassman.

Massimo Spano



GIANCARLO Scarchilli (director and writer)

Born in Rome. He lived in London from 1974 to 1976.In those three years heintensifies the writing of short stories and poems. Back in Italy, he becomes theclosest collaborator of Sergio Citti and Vittorio Gassman. Asassociate director and / or writer he takes part in Two piecesBread (1978, Sergio Citti - Actors: Vittorio Gassman, Philippe Noiret, GigiProietti), Soup (1980, Sergio Citti - Actors: Roberto Benigni,Giorgio Gaber, Ninetto Davoli, Franco Citti), From Father to Son (1978/82) Vittorio Gassman - Actors: Vittorio Gassman, Alessandro Gassman),Dreams and Needs (1984/85, Sergio Citti - Actors: Giulietta Masina, UgoTognazzi, Carlo Verdone, Francesco Nuti, Gigi Proietti), Gassman Story(1985/86).He has contributed as an author, the first part of the playIt hurts the theater (director and actor Vittorio Gassman) along with AlbertoBevilacqua, Vincenzo CeramiRoberto Lerici, Ettore Scola, LinaWertmuller, Bernardino Zapponi, Cesare Zavattini. At the same time he realizes, as a director, documentaries and commercials forChiquita, Michael Jackson, BNL, David Zard, etc..He also realizes the shooting of seminars held in the Theatre Workshop ofFlorence by Vittorio Gassman, Anthony Quinn, Ettore Scola, etc..In the nineties, he joins to the work of screenwriter to film director.Film debut with "DO ME A FAVOR" (1997), with Ornella Muti, Alessandro Gassman, Claudio Bigagli, Marisa Merlini. "ThePhobics " (1999), with Sabrina Ferilli, Rodolfo Lagana, Luca Laurenti,Daniele Liotti, Gianmarco Tognazzi. "Write on the walls" (2007), withCristiana Capotondi, Primo Reggiani, Ludovico Fremont, Anna Galiena. "Vittorio Gassman says - One Life to Protagonist" (2010)presented at the 67th International Film Festival ofVenice on September 1, the opening day of the Festival. Award WinnerSilver Ribbon 2011 - Section-doc film. Cinema."TO BE RICHARD ... and  the others" (2013), with Alessandro Gassmann,presented at the 31 th Torino Film Fest. Candidate for the Nastro d'Argento 2014 - Section movies-doc. Cinema.