Tolfa Short Film Festival

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TUESDAY JUNE 17th - At the Tolfa Short Film Fesival arrives “Spaghetti Story”


At the third edition of the Tolfa Short Film Festival comes high register the first feature film by the young talented Italian director Ciro De Caro.

The film titled “Spaghetti Story” is the first work realized totally with a low budget, through an indipendent production and distribution. And it is just these which make the film as a product of quality and a product absolutely unique, precious, innovative and courageous seeing this period that the cinema (and not only) is living today.

By the way Ciro De Caro says: “It is a very simple film, shooting with an equipment which could stay in the boot. It is filmed with a just one optics (50 mm), just in eleven days, among difficulties and unforeseens which, in the end, turned out the true added value because they have stimulated the creativity and the research of new solutions”.


In fact, even he tecnique structure anc the choice about the framing riflects this simplicity that is not at all synonymous of “improvisation”. So the ample use of the hand camera, of sporadic close-up, the use of just one shot addicted to the low budget become the most important part of the story whom tey stick to perfectly. And the simplicity is the key word of the De Caro’s film and it becoes synonymous of “spaghetti” and it is from this spirit that the title and the film take life on the screen.

So “Spaghetti Story” after its participation, in 2013, to many Italian and International Film Festival wins the Titano d’Argento Amarcord to the San Marino Film Festival as Best director. And now we can see this film at the Tolfa Short Film Festival. To present this film will be the distribution (called “Distribuzione Indipendente”) to testify that it is possible to realize own desires and dreams. That of the low budget production is a reality which is increasing in the Italian cinema’s panorama with the creation of very good products and results.

To underline what we have just said there is the film’s plot. The characters are four guys, now adults, who everyday live their own lives they do not like trying to become what and who they really want to be. So, we “meet” Valerio, an actor who is waiting for the right occasion and in the meantime he is taken up by many part-time jobs; Scheggia who lives with his grandmother; Serena, a young student who dreams a family with the actor; Giovanna, who is expert about oriental therapeutic massages but she drreams to become a chinese food chef. They are guys of our days who live and share fears. Eeryone has his own character an own outline of life. They are all ready to judge each other without realize what they have under their eyes and what they are in reality. But all changes when arrives Mei Mei a chinese prostitute who begins to chane their minds.

So, there are so many reasons to appreciate this film directed by Ciro De Caro and the Tolfa Short Film Festival has the pleasure to underline and to give the right importance to a good work, a good talent and to a new way of doing cinema.

Chiara Ricci