Tolfa Short Film Festival

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  Made by Marco Mondello


  Made by Ombretta Del Monte      


  Made by Alexandra Del Bene



Juries, composed of leading operators in the sector of movie and television, communication and entertainment, will award the following prizes:

-    Best Fiction
-    Best Animation
-    Best Documentary
-    Best Tourism Promotional Movie

They will also be awarded the following prizes:

-    the Critics' Award
The Juries reserve the right not to award one or more prizes.






Poliedric international artist. Painter and writer. In her career she received numerous awards collaborating during management of national and international events such:

- Awarding Artist 2013 at Sorrento Peninsula Award, together with Lina Sastri, Ugo Pagliai, Regian Schrecker, Alexia, Christian De Sica. Under high patronage of Senate of Republic, Tourism Department of Campania Region. (2013).

- Organizer and promoter with Vernissage in Mantua of the first sacred themed art traveling exhibition "ARS ET HUMANITAS" at the Diocesan Museum "Francesco Gonzaga". Under institutional patronage of: Municipality of Mantua, Embassy of Costa Rica at the Holy See, Embassy of Argentina in Italy, Consulate On Costa Rica Venice, International Diplomatic Institute, Honorary Embassy of Santo Domingo for Relations with Countries and Organizations National and International Organizations of the European Union and Latin America (2014)

- Lecturer on Environmental Art at the Movimento Azzurro conference. Press Room - Palazzo Chigi (2015).



Born in Rome the 15th of February, 1968, since young her skills in painting and art were evident, in addition to her tireless curiosity. Her academic training was fundamentally technical and architectural, but without sacrificing her artistic side, which she developed in parallel and, she ended by merging both sides by working in an architectural firm, 3D graphics and animation, an activity that brought her, nineteen years old to live in Los Angeles. Come back to Rome for to end the studies, in 1999 she moved to Vescona (Tuscany, Italy) in a farm of the seventeenth century, where she worked in architectural restoration. Due to her proximity to Siena she went back to restore frescoes and with the humility of those who have always something to learn, she started again to study materials, colorus, performance techniques, lights, shadows, and so on with extreme passion. All this, along with her artistic and cultural background, her taste and her imagination, led her to focus on “trompe l’oeils” and decorations, achieving great success. In the 2008 she moved to live in Pondicherry, ex french colony south Madras participated in OMG project for the restauration of the Tamil Nadu architecture. Since six years she is living in Seville, where she concentrated her work in the decoration and murals of buildings, houses and whole streets, becoming the most famous and loved graffitter by the people of Seville. Seville now is a personal open-air museum who opened her a new way around the world with exposicion en Rome, Los Angeles and New York city, Madrid y Sevilla.




Freelance Graphic Designer, graduated from the Roma Tre University in screenplay. He worked for several years as web editor and editor, with some film magazines including Filmaker's Magazine. During his university studies he participated in the making of the video dance "Day-Off" by Stefano Tummolini. 
Between 2011 and 2013 he collaborated in the theater, with the director/actor Flavio Albanese. During the same period he worked in the Communication and Marketing of the RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival) and took part in the organization of the first Italian Kino (KinoRoma Kabaret) event for which he took care, in particular, the graphic.
He is currently the Graphic Designer for the Tolfa Short Film Festival.