Tolfa Short Film Festival

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July 3 – 11, 2015

Short- and Medium-Length Films
Fiction…Documentaries…Animation…Tourist Promotion



Rome, April 30, 2015  The Fourth Edition of the International Tour Film Festival will kick off on July 3, 2015 in Civitavecchia, Rome’s famous port of call, and will run  through July 11, 2015.

Organized by CivitaFilm Commission, Festival President Piero Pacchiarotti is joined by Costanza Saccerelli, Director of the Festival and Andrea Donato, Technical Director.  

This Fourth Edition is ever-more international thanks to the participation of Artistic Director Luc Toutounghi, President of SE-MA-FOR of Lodz, Europe’s oldest stop-motion production studio.

The Festival enjoys the official recognition of the Presidency of the Italian Republic; Mibact; The Council of Ministries; The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation; EXPO 2015; The Lazio Region, The Luce Institute, The Annuario del Cinema Italiano & Audiovisivi; The National Union of Film Journalists; RUFA (Rome’s University of Fine Arts); the Municipality of Civitavecchia; The Port Authority of Civitavecchia; Amnesty International; and the CA.RI.CIV Foundation.

The International Tour Film Festival 2015 builds on the success of the Tolfa Short Film Fest. This year, we are proud to include the communities of Santa Marinella, Santa Severa, Allumiere and Tolfa, as well as the countries of Poland and Austria in our post-Festival Tour.  

In addition to screenings, the competition is also offering other cultural events and programs that promise to make this Festival a true opportunity to “experience new horizons” via films and special activities.

Entries in the Festival must be Italian and/or international productions from 2013 to the present and will span various technical formats. All winning entries and screenings of these will be subtitled in English.

This year’s Festival presents short- and medium-length films (up to 60 minutes in length) in the following categories:


To date, more than 600 entries have been received from 50 nations, including Italy. These showcase fresh talent from around the world, and present a rich range of global perspectives, well beyond the norm for such events.

In addition to featuring the best entries chosen by prestigious international judges, other screenings include:

•    FILM IDA: 2015 Oscar winner for “Best Foreign Film.” Set in Poland in the 1960s, the film tells the story of a young orphan girl (Anna) raised within the walls of a convent where she was to become a nun. The director Pawei Pawlikowski, has won two BAFTA Awards.

•    FILM MIASTO 44: This national prize-winner, written and directed by Jan Komasa, shares the story of a young man who enters adulthood during the cruel years of occupation. “Miastro 44” earned 6 nominations from the Polish Film Festival including: Best Film (John Komasa); Best Actress (Sophia Wichlaz); Best Director (John Komasa) and Best Photography (Marian Pokop).

•    Short: “L’Uomo Volante”: A film by Adelmo Togliani, produced by Giallo Limone Films in collaboration with the Accademia Togliani, stars  Bianca Guaccero.

•    Documentary “La Repubblica dei Ragazzi” Director Dario Albertini presents the past and current story of the “Repubblica dei Ragazzi,” an organization that since 1945 has been dedicated to hosting underprivileged youth.

•    Documentary: “9x10”: Presented at the 71st Festival of Venice, this film celebrates the 90th anniversary of The  Luce Institute as nine directors each present their 10-minute segments dedicated to this Institute.

ITFF’s juries are composed of independent judges from the film and television, the press, the theatre and special events sectors and will choose the winners for these awards:


Best Fiction
Best Animation
Best Documentary
Best Tourism Promotion Entry

In addition, other prizes include:

The Public Prize (chosen by viewers)
The Critics’ Choice (chosen by film critics)

Prizes in the Fiction Category:

Best Series/Web Series
Best Music Video
Best Trailer
Best Work in All Other Categories

Important personalities and celebrities will be joining us throughout the Festival including: the composer Umberto Scipione; actor and director Adelmo Togliani; Artistic Director for Pixar Studios, Anthony Christov; director and writer Barry Purves; visual effects specialist Gianluca Dentici; animation film producer Oliver Catherin; journalist/film critic and founder of CineMagazine; and journalist/film critic Elettra Ferraǜ.

Tourism Promotion entries represent an important Festival focus and feature exceptional locations, including Arbatax Park Resort in Sardinia.

From June 7 – 14 the Festival is sponsoring a unique contest, “Shooting Tour”. During the Festival, five teams consisting of a three-person crew will produce a “short” that promotes outstanding locations and their key attractions, both physical and cultural. All entries in this competition will be screened throughout ITFF’s Festival, July 3 – 11. The winning entry will also be included in the ITFF Tour which will take the prize-winning Festival entries as well as other notable films to other cities and countries. Assuring that these outstanding films will be promoted and shared on an international basis lies at the heart of ITFF’s ongoing mission.

For this special “Shooting Tour” competition, download entries directly on the following site:

Be sure not to miss our July 6 one-day Tourism Workshop on board the Costa Fascinosa, which is open to tour operators and the press specializing in the travel and tourism sector.

Our Festival would not be complete without a special promotional film featuring Civitavecchia, highlights of the area and city hosting this exciting event.

The day of the Workshop will also include the participation of representatives from other countries, including Mexico; Romania; Jordan; Bolivia; India; Iceland; Qatar; Turkey; Peru; The Seychelles; and  Norway, amongst others.

Don’t miss this chance to join us for this exceptional event that is still very much “a work in progress.” ITFF continues to evolve, and in Civitavecchia, July 3 – 11 will present all of us - sponsors, producers and the public - with a unique opportunity to “EXPERIENCE NEW HORIZONS.”

For information contact our Press Office, Studio Media Communication

Patrizia Barsotti (=39) 335 1242065 – Cristina Attinà (+39) 392 6133227