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Pane, film e fantasia. Il gusto del cinema italiano

 How was changed relationship between Italians and dining in the latest sixty years? Between auteur film and popular comedies, a fascinating journey of taste into “kitchens backstage”. In this book, a delicious trip through anecdotes and details from cult films but also from the most popular comedies from recent seasons. From poor soups recipes of 'Rome, Open City' and 'The Big Deal on Madonna Street' to the legendary Ligurian rabbit braised with olives told by gourmet Cardinal in 'The Great Beauty' or Latin Lover’s favorite dish from Cristina Comencini movie, a tasty journey through one hundred films from 1946 to nowadays.



Among anecdotes, small culinary secrets and many stories on movie set, there are suggestions of many films which declaring cooking as "intimate act of love".

Beyond stories of the must-see movie sequences, for example, 'The Leopard' with the famous "mess" recipe scene engraved in person by Burt Lancaster (the same gesture of the Prince of Salina as described in Tomasi di Lampedusa's novel ), there is great attention of relationship “cinema and food” from directors.

Ettore Scola and Pupi Avati are the most observant. Also Federico Fellini, Gabriele Salvatores and Nanni Moretti (with his legendary passion for cakes) or Ferzan Ozpetek. In his films there's a real triumph of the kitchen as place of affection and friendship. With many recipes in the foreground: from meatballs of "His secret life" to arancini of 'Saturn In Opposition' and, last but not least, the bakery triumph of 'Facing Windows'.

In the wake of a growing interest in cooking and latest EXPO events - under the theme Feeding the Planet" which attracted worldwide about the importance of food, Italian cinema does its part in this book with a path attention to our history through a half century and beyond stories. A liaison with the taste, between movie set and cooking and representation of Our Country. A country which pays much attention to food quality, through a daylife photography. First of all, at diner.


Pane, film e fantasia. Il gusto del cinema italiano is published by Rai Eri in collaboration of Istituto Luce Cinecittà





Laura Delli Colli

Journalist in cinema and with a great passion about cooking, Laura Delli Colli is President of the Italian Film Journalists (SNGCI). Among her many cinema related activites, following professionally always been as reporter and essayist writer, she inaugurated her original research on the Cinema Taste almost fifteen years ago. She work since many years in journalism: first ADN Kronos agency, then 'La Repubblica' and finally "Panorama" as a special envoy.

She also narrated in her essays, EUR district and cinema professional figures.

She wrote monographs devoted to many cinema personalities: Monica Vitti, Ferzan Ozpetek, Gianni Amelio and Marco Tullio Giordana.


She is also Director Board of "Fondazione Cinema per Roma". Also she is known for her responsibility since many years for organization of the prestigious Silver Ribbons held by SNGCI, 'Cinema Italian Style', annual festival of Italian Cinema in Los Angeles produced by Cinecittà Luce and American Cinematheque, which launches nominated Italian movie for Academy Awards ® in Hollywood,