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 Miki was born in Sarzana (SP).

At 14 years old she took part in auditions for SanRemo Festival Young" and later for "Castrocaro Festival". She joins as 15 years old, at Radio Italia competition, ranking first place and got her first major interview at Radio Italia broadcast. In 1987, she moves with family to Berlin, where she win talent show "Lampenfieber" with a song composed by Mecano band, led to success in Germany by Loona: "Hijo De La Luna" and she's on SAT.1 channel.

Since 2006, with her partner Sasha, she form duo "Sasha & Michaela". Miki sings in Italian, Spanish, English and German; over the years between Berlin and the rest of Germany performs with Sasha in many live concerts on the best German stages, including KaDeWe. Together they compose and publish an album presented at Timezone Records.



The recording label agrees to promote the album, and then, in co-edition with Timezone Records, with famed italian publisher Alabianca Group. In November 2015 start her latest project, first with a digital release of "Afryca" single hit on several German radio and then her first album ITALY, which includes 9 tracks of different music genres. A special album, with a multiple musical facets come together. Almost all songs written by Miki for this album, there is a great and congenial support (as well as for the entire project) from her partner Sasha, pianist, singer, composer and arranger. Currently her album is in heavy rotation and promotion in 100 radio and beyond and in many nations. In July 2016, she's guest at prestigious Premio Lunezia, presenting song "Non mi arrendo" (from her album ITALY), to renowned artists like Fausto Leali, Andrea Miro', Sugarfree, Perturbazioni, Matteo Beccucci, Eduardo Bennato, Nicolo ' Fabi and many others. He collaborates with OTR and directs "OltreTutto Radio" Berlin station, under musical direction of Sasha Buonanno. Soon Miki will conduct a "Music and Design" themed program with author and artistic director of OTR (OltreTutto Radio) Anna Crecco, winner of Italian Design Award.