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ITFF FASHION AWARD 2016 to ELISABETTA PELLINI, actress – Wednesday September 28, 21.00

ITFF FASHION AWARD 2016 to Elisabetta Pellini for her style, elegance and approach to cinema, where belong her work. Here’s a following interview:


I was born in Sorengo in Switzerland, but I have Italian citizenship.

From 1959 to 1963 my father Oreste Pellini collaborated with Guido Guerrasio and the Castiglioni brothers to direct two cult documentaries in Cameroon: "Secret Africa" and "Africa Uncensored"

My parents are Eugenio (sculptor and one of the founders of cultural movement Scapigliatura) and Eros Pellini. When I was child I used to play in their study between beautiful works and I drew all day, until feeding my passion for painting and art.

I started studying ballet at age of five years old in Varese, my city. At end of the year, we brought on stage our dance essay at Teatro Impero: in these occasions I fell in love with theater, the creak of the boards of the stage, the hard anad daily preparation but the final applause ... and there I realized that I wanted to be an actress, but it was still a dream.



During middle school and high school I continued to attend theatre world doing experimental genre.

At 19 years old I joined the famous model agency Riccardo Gay.

In 1995, after second place gained at Canale 5 TV beauty competion "Bellissima" , I started working in several television productions: showgirl and dancer in the comedy program "Scatafascio" by Paolo Rossi; then, alongside Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo in "Mai Dire GOl"; host of satirical journal "Tg Rosa". In 1998 he was chosen by the great Corrado Mantoni to host Canale 5 tv show "Tira e Molla" with Giampiero Ingrassia. In 1999 I hosted a football program called "Qui stadio, a voi stadio."

In these "Milanese years" I studied law at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore,and at same time continue to attend theater and working as a model, joining in various advertising campaigns.

In 1998 I begin cinema with "Cucciolo" directed by Neri Parenti and a year later, "Il cielo in una stanza" directed by Carlo Vanzina. In 1999 I moved to Rome and I acted into my first tv fiction, "L'ispettore Giusti" directed by Sergio Martino. Beyond cinema and fiction, I have opportunity to join in international advertising campaigns by great filmakers: "Poste Italiane" directed by Cristina Comencini; "Carte d'Or" directed by Ferzan Ozpetek; two worldwide commercials shot in Malaysia for "Nestea" directed by Alessandro D'Alatri in 2007 and another one for "Volvo", directed by Kinka Usher. I dedicate myself totally to the deepening of acting, trying complete as much as possible my career, and I never stop working between cinema and television.

I had opportunity to work with some important directors of Italian cinema, ranging various genres, from drama to comedy; with Gabriele Salvatores in the feature film "Teeth"; with Franco Amurri for "Amici Ahrarara"; Alessandro De Robilant for"Per Sempre." In 2004 I starred into drama movie directed by Mario Rellini "Balletto di Guerra" and in 2005 co-starred into ensemble film directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli "Don't Make Any Plans for Tonight", presented at Venice festival as out of competition.In 2007, Ferzan Ozpetek calls me for a cameo in his film "A Perfect Day." In 2009 I'm into international feature film "Golakani Kirkuk" directed by Fariborz Kamkari and shot in Kurdistan.In 2010 instead, I'm into international feature film "Il cantico della Maddalena", directed by Mauro Campiotti and distributed in foreign countries like in Mexico, USA and Spain, and shot entirely in English language .In 2012 another cameo role in "Mi rifaccio vivo" directed by Sergio Rubini and in 2013-2014 I take part into worlwdide project "Dante's Inferno", directed by Boris Acosta.

In these years I was lead protagonist but also co-protagonist and antagonist in many renowned television series and TV movies, interpreting flexibly dramatic characters, ruthless dark lady and comedy. Among best tv fiction: "Il Maresciallo Rocca 3", directed by Giorgio Capitani; "Compagni di Scuola", directed by T. Aristarco and Claudio Norza; "Incantesimo 5", directed by Alessandro Cane and Leandro Castellani, where I played twin sisters but of opposite character; "Elisa di Rivombrosa 2", directed by Stefano Alleva; "Questa è la mia terra", directed by Raffele Mertes; thriller "Senza via d'uscita" by Giorgio Serafini.In 2007, I'm a then-abandoned wife in "Un medico in famiglia 5", directed by Isabella Leoni and Ugo Fabrizio Giordani; a coroner in "Distretto di polizia 7", directed by Alessandro Capone and in the same year I am lead protagonist of the episode in the series "Il commissario De Luca", directed by Antonio Frazzi.

In 2008 I make my return to comedy genre with the TV movie "Un coccodrillo per amico", directed by Francesca Marra and in 2009 in the drama "Le cose che restano" directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli and "Capri 3" by Francesca Marra in the role of a wife with problematic child in foster care. In 2010 I starred in ensemble series "Un amore e una vendetta" directed by Raffaele Mertes, where I played as Olga, a drug addict woman with a great sense of emptiness. In 2011 I starred in the TV movie "Il paese delle piccole piogge", directed by Sergio Martino, in the role of a doctor without frontiers operating in Kenya. In 2012 I'm a dark lady, ambitious careerist, in the series "Rosso San Valentino" by Fabrizio Costa; I'm Laura Sommariva in "Le tre rose di eva" (season 1 and 2) by Raffaele Mertez and Vincenzo Verdecchi, a woman who loves without it is paid and is willing to do anything to be reciprocated, but it hurts everything it touches.

In 2013 I join as protagonist in comedy web series, "Forse sono io," directed by Vincenzo Alfieri, broadcasted at MTV channel as feature movie and available at website, where I play Simona, a bipolar actress with the anxiety of being fat.Also along comedy, I'm in the series "Provaci ancora Prof 5 "as co-star role of Anna Ronco, a naive English teacher who wants to become a mother.

In 2013 I'm in "Madre Aiutami" directed by Gianni Lepre as Sofia Molnar, an unscrupulous woman who betrays her husband but then repents and tries to save her marriage. I believe very much in the short films and so I jonied several projects. Among the most important: "Pillole di Bisogni" directed by Ivano De Matteo, in a comical episode with Rolando Ravello; "Sotto la pelle" directed by Barbara Bonardo against psychological violence within the couple, "Il sorriso di Candida", about Alzheimer and suffering of a daughter for her mother suffering from this terrible disease. In 2014, I'm protagonist of the short film "Una storia: Barbara" by Daniele Massa, based on a true story of violence against women.I'm always dedicated with social themes such as autism, Alzheimer's disease, stalking and violence against women: as actress, spokesperson and presenter of events in support of organizations involved in the social and in favor, for example, for sick people at Institute of Oncology in Milan.


I like astrology and constellations, and I belong to the sign of Aries, Leo ascendant.

In Chinese horoscope my sign is the Tiger.

I love my work as an actress.

I'm shy and sensitive ... maybe it's another reason to pursuee my acting career, cinema is a my dream and a passion since childhood. So I devote myself to this career with great passion, allows me to play and to live different lives and characters very different to my personality. I get attached to every character I play.

I can't stand stalemate and boredom, so I always try to play different characters, and for me these are real challenges as actress and as a person.

I love colours and refer each one to every personality and then reuse it to identify and and bring to stage, the character I play.

I love art, painting with oil paints or watercolors.

I love reading novels and essays but I also love the comics because they allow me to use my imagination.

I love writing, I also co-written with Luca Biglione the script of a psychological thriller "Soledad", then sold to Rai Cinema.

I love to travel ... I often feel "gypsy", greedy of knowledge, other cultures, landscapes and traditions. I'm always looking for a ideal place to live .. it makes me feel good.

I love being in nature, it regenerates me and often helps me to balance my energy, assuage anxieties and frailties which are typical for actor's profession.

I love outdoor sports. I love skiing during winter season and I feel free on the slopes; when I can practice canoeing, swimming, windsurfing and lately I'm learning to kite surf in the summer.

I like extreme sports because they stimulate adrenaline and love challenges.

Since my childhood I love going on roller skates and trekking but also losing myself walking through the cities, in their culture and art.