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ITFF AWARD FOR MEDIA 2016 to ALESSANDRO MELUZZI, Psychologist - Wednesday, September 28, 21.00

ITFF Award For Media 2016 to Alessandro Meluzzi for his favourable activity in psychology and criminology, which mostly reached mass media branch.

Alessandro Meluzzi was born in Naples, and obtained Classical Diploma at Lyceum Vittorio Alfieri in Turin (60/60 rated). With a Highest Honours Degree in Medicine and Surgery at University of Turin, in 1984 he’s specialized in Psychiatry, always with high honour degree. Also scholarship holder in the same university from 1980 to 1987 in Psychiatric Clinic - Dermatology Clinic he’s Researcher at the Laboratory of Henry Laborit Hôpital Boucicaut Pasteur Institute in Paris (1980-1985 ) . Obtained BA with highest honours in philosophy at the Pontifical Athenaeum San Anselmo in Rome in 2002 . He’s Member of Psychologists of the Piedmont Region ( Psychotherapists list ) and as Doctor Psychotherapist in Turin Medical Board.

Alessandro Meluzzi is also Member of: Order of Physicians Committee for " Psychotherapists board list and secretariat of Directorate at Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Rome .




Served as Director at Mental Health Service at USL TO 10 Mirafiori Sud from 1989 to 1994; Medical Director with extramoenia activites at ASL-TO, ASL-18 , from 1990 to 2006; Medical Director for S.S.N. psychiatric community at Calamandrana (AT), Castelrocchero (AT) and "at risk adolescents" community in Castelboglione (AT), Cavagnolo (TO), Montiglio (AT) and Rocchetta Belbo (CN).

Served as Consultant in Psychiatry and Psychogeriatrics at Gruppo Aetas - Medica Italia, France.

He founded social cooperative A-B Agape “Madre dell´Accoglienza” Onlus Albugnano (AT). Then, he served as Consultat of San Patrignano community and he collaborates currently with community "Incontro Don Pierino Gelmini" for at risk adolescents treatment. Alessandro Meluzzi operates as Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist at the Turin University, Rome and Rimini.

Also Vice President of AIMAC (Associazione Malati di Cancro Parenti e Amici) and Scientry Director of Scuola Superiore di Umanizzazione della Medicina (ASL 18 Alba - Bra / ASO Molinette Region of Piedmont).


Also Professor of Psychiatry - Masters in Criminology Forensic Science - University Sapienza of Rome.Lecturer in Forensic Psychiatry - Master in Criminological Sciences applied to the investigation - European University of Rome; Professor of Communication in Psychiatry - University of Cagliari.

He’s Scientific Director at Istituto di Psicoterapia Umanistico-Esistenziale I.P.U.E. (Ric. MIUR 2007) and President of Società Italiana di Criminologia Investigativa di Roma. Also scientific director of International School of Criminology (Rome - New York - Paris) of Rome.Former Director of the Master in "Counseling and Therapy Short" at the University of the State of San Marino (from 1997 to 2001) and former professor in charge of Psychoneuroendocrinology (University of Turin from 1988 to 1994).

Former Professor in Mental Health at the University of Turin (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).Former lecturer in the Human Behavior Genetics (at Specialization School in Clinical Psychology - University of Siena), Mental Health at the University of Turin (Bachelor of Science in Nursing), of Psychiatry at the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Rome,Degree in Occupational therapy - Moncrivello (VC).

Also Former Member of the Legislature XII (Foreign Affairs Commission, Commission for Community Policies) and Senator in the XIII Legislature (Healthcare Commission and Culture-Education Commission); President of Inter-Parliamentary association Italy - Latin America; Vice President of the Association of Friendship Italy - China. Commission Coordinator "Welfare Community" of the Piedmont Region at Assessorate of Social Policies. He has worked in international cooperation also as consultant.

His career includes: Honorary Consul of the Republic of Paraguay in Turin and member of the Consular Corps of Piedmont; Consultant for courts and law firms and author essays about civil and criminal arguments.

Alessandro Meluzzi is know as author of two hundred and more scientific publications and ten monographs in psychology, psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and anthropological-philosophical arguments. Among recent essays: "Follie - Storie di delitti e castighi” (Ed. Polietia - 2012), “Crimini e mass media” (Infinito Edizioni - 2014), “Il fascino del male” (Imprimatur Editore - 2014). He's member of Associazione Stampa Subalpina and a columnist of magazines, periodicals and newspapers. Television author and collaborator for national and foreign programs.