Tolfa Short Film Festival

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ITFF CAREER AWARD 2016 to LANDO BUZZANCA, Sunday October 2, 21.00


Lando Buzzanca was born in Palermo but moved early in Rome to pursue acting career. After brief appearances, such in MGM epic historical film “Ben Hur” (1959) directed by William Wyler, he make his official debut in 1961 in “Divorce Italian Style” directed by Pietro Germi playing the role of Rosario Mulé.

Shortly Buzzanca played grotesque role of Antonio in “Seduced and abandoned” directed once again by Pietro Germi. Despite his chameleon-like acting method, his best known role to the audience is sicilian aroused guy, always with wide eyes and square jaw in "The Blonde in the Blue Movie". Through this movie he achieves success around the world also in Philippines and then plays lead protagonists in "Homo eroticus", both movies produced in 1971.


He later starred in "Il gatto mammone" (1975), "San Pasquale protettore delle donne" (1976), "Secondo Ponzio Pilato" (1988) directed by Luigi Magni, "Il popolo degli uccelli" (1999), "Il segreto del giaguaro "(2000) and made appearances into documentary "How We Got the Italian Movie Business Into Trouble: The True Story of Franco and Ciccio


" (2004) directed by Daniele Cipri and Franco Maresco. His recent work for cinemas is historical drama "I vicerè" (2007) directed by Roberto Faenza.


He starred in television miniseries 'Chiara e Francesco' about patron saint of Italy and acclaimed series "Il restauratore" directed by Giorgio Capitani. A documentary about his career (100 movies and beyond where took part) is produced and directed by Claudio Bond', entitled "Lando Buzzanca. One, No One and One Hundred Thousand".