Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Importance to love yourself contest ITFF

International Tour Film Fest

organized by  CivitaFilm Commission


The importance to love yourself

Short films competition

Improvement to the Peace on Planet.”2017


The competition supports and promotes the national socio-pedagogical program which it integrates, called 'The Importance to love yourself” conceived by Dr. Giuseppe Percoco, and supported by all the institutions of the National Culture and the Ministry of Public education, to be active in 2017 in all the High Schools and Universities.


Thus it extends to all schools the ability to launch and discuss social messages with the main objective a build of critical point of view and thoughtful from the audience.

Also in production, developing short films and documentaries that will be part of a pedagogy to support the future citizens of a New World.

For an 'I of the XXI century', spiritual, thoughtful, moral, free by any prejudices, guilt, dogmas, and social machinations: we want to get to reflect on an opening increasingly globalizing and increasingly less fearful the new, the foreign, the boundaries that no longer have the sense of being, of various forms of discrimination which must be stigmatized in any way.

An opportunity for meeting and dialogue between the different cultural identities in the context of a 'welcome as the only possibility of peace, starting from “The Importance of love yourself '.


The theme of the competition

The identification of all that has so far led detachment, cultural impoverishment, moral, social: blood, violence, abuse of power phenomena, sexist and racial prejudice.

The telling of stories that they know finally to stress how important it is to think and be indignant, not to judge, but to help and educate, taking to rediscover confidence in themselves and in others, only ingredient can produce respect and integrity.


All students, and productions, will turn these stories filmed in the new lessons of love and respect for social and civic that the twenty-first century will, helping the country and the entire globe to make a click in the direction of a flow, which will allow for increasingly abandoning fears and prejudices, replacing them with the force by the courage of the story.

All participants are involved to focus the work on the theme of 'change towards peace on the planet', starting from the phenomena: awkwardness and social exclusion; racism, classism, sexism; religious psychological subjection; Physical bullying and bullying; geographical boundaries and cultural differences; indifference; the Depression; alcohol and drugs; the sense of powerlessness; the waiver prior to Happiness.


How to apply

This contest is aimed to:


- Secondary High Schools

- Universities

- Cultural Center

- Independent Productions

- Film Commission


All works submitted will be archived through catalogue and inside 'The Importance of love yourself' channel.

The works selected into the socio-pedagogical program, will be presented during the three final evenings and included in National program.


Any works are allowed and made with any technique and any genre:




Participants can submit their movies via smartphones, tablets, cameras or digital graphics with no longer than 20 minutes including opening titles and closing credits.


The movie must be delivered / shipped on DVD at:

CivitaFilmCommission via togliatti 12-00053 Civitavecchia, no later than 30 July 2017.

or sent by mail (with Jumbomail transfer service or WeTransfer) in .mov format at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , cc: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Only films produced from high school will have to be accompanied by a technical sheet attached and signed by teacher coordinator.

All movies instead, then those produced by high schools and also reported to us and sent through the Regional and National Film Commission, through universities, independent productions and other cultural bodies, must be accompanied by a letter relating to the treatment Authorization data and the work that is sent, by authorizing the International Tour Film Festival and its President Piero Pacchiarotti, and program managers 'the Importance of love yourself', headed by its creato Dr Giuseppe Percoco, integrate them within the program and their parallel dissemination.

Membership is totally Free, not limited to, advertising and promotion expenses will be held entirely by International Tour Film Festival, from the TWT International Business, and possible associations, government bodies or private that will feel to supporting the project as a sponsor, paying a voluntary fee to the following IBAN:

IT82F0558401620000000049402 to Giuseppe Percoco

Reason: project support 'The Importance of love yourself'The deadline for submission of films is the 30.07.2017


The jury will consist of well-known film professionals.



Best work (Trophy)

Work ranked in 2nd position (Plate)

Work ranked in 3rd position (Plate)

Best development (Trophy)

Best idea (Trophy)

Special Audience Award (Trophy)


The organization is authorized to make partial screening for press or for the promotion of the festival. The program and screening times are the exclusive competence of the organization of the Festival, which will publish a general catalogue of the selected films and a screening schedule.

The works will be preserved in the archive of CivitaFilmCommission and that of the “The Importance of love yourself' association. All works may be used for future screenings, for no profit use to film club or activity educational and cultural purposes.

Registration entitles the festival to promote the works in its "on Tour" event in 2017.

The organization, while committed to the care and custody of the works, assumes no responsibility for any theft or damage that may occurred.

By entering the competition, each author is responsible for the content of his work and authorizes the organization of the festival to the processing of their data in accordance with law.

The author, by enrolling in the contest, claiming to be in possession of all the rights of his work and responsible for the content of the work itself.

Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these rules in all itsparagraphs.. For any dispute, the jurisdiction is without exception to Civitavecchia (RM).


Project Manager for the schools: President Piero Pacchiarotti and Dr. Giuseppe Percoco.

Management reserves the right to decide in derogation from this Regulation in specific cases or not provided.