Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Wednesday, October 4, 10.00 am -Book launch "Una cuoca a domicilio" by Maria Elena Curzio

 "Una cuoca a domicilio" (A cook at home) by Maria Elena Curzio, in Magna Hall of Stendhal Institute

Life is mainly made of important events like graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, early communions and romantic dinners; then there are "Commanded" holidays like Christmas, New Year Eve, and what about Halloween's recurrence? Or sea trips?

 It’s nice to be ready for any happiest events in our life, to make lunches or dinners with guaranteed success, until to satisfy the whole family and even more! Una cuoca a domicilio” (A cook at home) is a perfect guide to bring touch of class and a cascade of flavour for any important moment.

Her motto is clear: much return, little expense!

Ten unique menus, designed and made by the most original home cook , Maria Elena Curzio.

A series of amazing buffet and table set for every important event.



She was born in Naples, obtained professional cook diploma. She grows in the kitchen of her grandmother Iolanda until she decides to turn her passion into a job, attending the kitchens of some well appreciated chefs like Gennaro Esposito, patron of the Torre del Saracino - (Seiano), Pietro D'Agostino, Patron of Capinera –(Taormina) to learn the value of the profession, hard work and respect for the ingredients. In 2011 she founded Association “Cuoche a Domicilio” (, which she is president and was “baptized” by honorary member chef Gennaro Esposito. The purpose of the Association is to collect, preserve and divulge cooking traditional recipes, even those through handed down orally. The Association also collaborates with small entrepreneurs to enhance their excellence in Italy and overseas. Maria Elena collaborated for more than a year with Alice Cucina magazine as well as a live guest of the Casa Alice broadcasting, creating a thread that is also his motto: much return, little expense, Where recovery becomes an ingredient.   From its creativity, she published successful book "Una Cuoca a Domicilio" edited by LT Editore. She is Ambassador of the Italian Mediterranean Diet; Promoter f the Italian Mediterranean food and wine heritage, for economic and tourist cultural development, conferred by the association DAFNE Defense of Agriculture Food Nutrition and Enviroment.