Tolfa Short Film Festival

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 Noble Lies

Directed by: Antonio Pisu

 Written by: Antonio Pisu and Federico Tolardo


Producer: Emanuela Zaccherini

 Cinematographer : Dario Germani

Edited by: Paolo Marzoni

Music composed by: Fio Zanotti

Running time: 100 minutes

Country: Italy

Year: 2017


1944. Italy. On the Bolognese hills, a family of decayed aristocrats survives its own economic decline in the only place that they have left: the estate of Villa La Quiete. They face the war and the crisis in the only way passed down by their families: by simply not caring. The solution to all their troubles turns up at the villa when a Jewish family asks the dukes for shelter. They are disposed to pay one gold bar for each month of their permanence and they promise to relocate somewhere else right after the end of the war.

Time passes, gold bars pile up and right in the moment the noble family glipmse an aristocratic renaissance, the war ends. Terrified by the possibility of loosing their only source of income, with the help of the son and the domestic staff, they organize a series of rocambolesque gimmicks, pantomimes and subterfuges faking that the conflict has not ended yet.




Director’s Statement:

It was February 2015 when I met Paolo Rossi, the brother I did not know I had. Neither my father Raffaele Pisu knew until that day of his existence. But you know, life never ends up to giving twists. From that day, desire to regain the lost time of a rediscovered brother culminated with the idea of making a movie together with our father as lead protagonist. It took almost a year to overcome all of the objective difficulties in creating a cinematic work from scratch: idea, script, production, location, funds, actors etc. Thanks to Paolo Rossi's entrepreneurial skills, who shortly founded the Genoma Films production and thanks to the evocative artistic potential of this project, they have soon joined a huge caliber artists. A work that seemed to be family-run at beginning but turned out to be a cinematic product with a prestigious international cast, featuring Claudia Cardinale and Giancarlo Giannini as lead protagonists. The events follow a hectic pace in a film that speaks metaphorically to my family, but also to a city like Bologna, the war and its forgotten victims. A 100 minutes film shot in 4k, with a modern cut even if set in a distant time. A film born with desire to knowing each other and stay together. A movie about lies, ironic and cynical. The lies of life, which always come up.





Antonio Pisu


Antonio Pisu was born in Carrara on July 31, 1984.

Graduated in Milan at G.Carducci high school in 2002, he began his acting career with classic plays for about three years. In 2004 he attended a film technique course at "Officina Film" where he meet director Mirko Locatelli and play a role in his film "Come Prima". Later he moved to Rome to follow an advanced dubbing course and involved in some roles for film and television series like "Hotel Meina" directed by Carlo Lizzani and "La Figlia di Elisa" directed by Stefano Alleva. In 2006 he joined as actor in Rai1 television series "Al Posto Tuo" and gained a role in the film directed by Emanuele Barresi “Non c'è più niente da fare". In the following year Antonio take a long tour of show "Delitto Perfetto". In 2008 he won a audition to play the role of Cicci Dalmastri in "Il papà di Giovanna" movie directed by Pupi Avati and later will be the protagonist of Skoda advertising campaign. From 2009 to 2014, Antonio Pisu is involved in many stage play such "Chat a due piazze " directed by Gianluca Guidi, "Pitagora e la Magna Grecia" directed by Mario Moretti, , “Stupor Mundi”, “Se devi dire una bugia dilla ancora più grossa”, “Momento di Follia” e “Taxi a due piazze”. He joined in other TV shows like “Domenica in”, “I soliti ignoti” e “Applausi” and played a role in "Benvenuti a Tavola 2" and starred in "Teletu" and "McDonald" advertising.

In 2014, Antonio Pisu created and starred in television series "Low Budget" aired on Studio Universal and subsequently purchased by Rai4.

In 2015 he founded the cultural association "Novre", which produces various performances written by himself and represented many theaters around Italy. In the fall of same year he was chosen for the film "Quando sarò bambino" directed by Edoardo Palma.

In 2016, together with his brother Paolo, he will be the founder of Genoma Films, where he will debuting as director for feature film "Nobili Bugie - Noble Lies".


About Genoma Films

Genoma Films is a project born and grown in the city of Bologna. Our main target is to sustain and promote independent national film making, particularly debut films. By doing so, we try to enhance all those professional figures that care about the spread of this artistic expression. Our mission is to realise high quality productions leading to the enhancement of film making in all its expressions, to discover new actors, film directors and screenwriters and to re-discover, in a vituous circle, the “holy monsters” from the history of our cinema, maintaining a constant dialogue between cinematographic tradition and innovation. The recent distribution of the film Ultima Fermata placed Genoma Films at the highest levels, with nomination of Claudia Cardinale at David di Donatello 2016.