Tolfa Short Film Festival

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THURSDAY October 5 10:00 – Book launch “CELLULOIDE E CELLULOSA” by Giorgio Leonardi

This book is an itinerary through places and movie characters told by contemporary literature: a journey around a theme that has always fascinated the writers, emerging wonders and suggestions of the camera.


Novels, tales, memories, and essays narrates velleities and turmoil of directors, screenwriters, actors, and other characters (real or fictionalized) that flock to the world of celluloid. Cinema intended as "seventh art" and as physical place of modernity: is thus one of the privileged scenarios of the literature of the last decades. Writers like Moravia, Pennac, Murakami, Flaiano, Bukowski, Stephen King and many others point out the pages of this book between essay and an intriguing invitation to read.


Giorgio Leonardi

Doctoral researcher in literary disciplines, author of the essay "Milano Scapigliata" (Meravigli Edizioni) and many contributions of history and literature published in various magazines and volumes. He wrote chapters and sections of an anthology of literature for high schools published by Zanichelli. He translated and edited two works by Jules Janin (“The Marquis de Sade” and “The Dead Donkey”) in first Italian edition. He also collaborated in teaching at the Universities of Viterbo and Rome Tor Vergara; currently serves as head director of a literature series on eighteen and nineteen century authors, conceived by himself and published by Edizioni della Sera.