Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Thursday 5 and Friday, 6 Aster Academy International presents its literary authors

Aster Academy International at ITFF

The attendance of the Aster Academy International at ITFF confirms a cultural sharing which expands the cinematic experience and the international film festival event in the various fields of culture and art. Aster Academy will attend October

4 and 5  with a  book launch of talented young authors: Alessia Giulimondi, author of "Inchiostro", published by Prospettiva Editrice and Samuele Di Banella, author of "Nella mente del burattinaio", a noir published by Kimerik. Both books are noticed to lend style and content for a cinematic adaption. Also, there will be an important international event to the audience such presentation of poem book "Palabras que escapan del alma sonido" by poet Gaetano Amato;  this book gained a great success since its publishing in Argentina. The internationality of the event will be also an occasion to introduce many books and authors recently involved in  cultural exchange "Italy - Argentina" that took place in August between Aster Academy and Instituto Cultural Latino Americano. Also, these events will include initiatives related to the activities of Aster Academy International from Astronomy, to Volunteering to the Arts.