Tolfa Short Film Festival

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S.Marinella - Friday, June 29, 21:30 - Premiére The impossible choice by Samuele Dalò

The impossible choice

Directed by Samuele Dalò


Cast: Giuseppe Di Giorgio, Nathalie Caldonazzo, Marco Di Stefano, Enzo Stasino, Manuela Malaga,

Lorenzo Marangon, Marco Savio, Tommaso Basili, Valentina Carrino, Ruben Mevoli

Produced by Giuseppe Di Giorgio

Screenplay by Giuseppe Di Giorgio, Roberto Attolini

Cinematography by Samuele Dalò

Music composed by Manfred Giampietro

Edited by Matteo Cataldo

Sound Recording by Luca Discenza

Sound Post production by Gianfranco Tortora

Colorist: Sebastiano Saro Greco

Post production supervisor: Francesco Giusiani

Secretary and Assistant director: Fabiana Maria Lavezzi

Production manager: Luca Cipriani

Distribuited by Movie Planet Group

Running time: 64 minutes


Love, crisis, crime, enthusiasm, tribulations, moral and economic values await the protagonist Ivan Coletta who will help the police to dismantle gangsters led by Boss Massimo Ricciardi, through his choice to collaborate with justiceA long and tortuous inner journey awaits him outside of organized crime. New knowledge, intense experiences and strong emotions will support his path by testing his character, his sensitivity and his feelings. But the past resurfaces in a thousand ways and Ivan Coletta, being at a crossroads, will have to deal with a precise choice: "The Impossible Choice". Important themes in this film full of choices and feelings with a significant social value. With dedication, passion, courage and a lot of enthusiasm, Giuseppe Di Giorgio wanted to bring the cinema back to Pavia after thirty years, involving the whole city to make the most of the normality on the big screen. He wanted to slide the images of a film of a film here in the city of Pavia where reached 16 years ago. A film which focuses on important topics such as love, family, protection,health, institutions and much more.

Giuseppe Di Giorgio, Sicilian-born actor and film director based in Pavia, has twenty years experience in the entertainment industry, from the cinema to the theater and finally on TV. Trained at CTA of Milan and at Litta Theater in Milan, starred in a dozen films among others: La Giusta Scelta (2015) both as actor and director, Trouble Killer (2017), in which he played the role of Patrizio, Magic Card (2016) in the role of Policeman and finally The Impossible Choice (2018) as main role of Ivan Coletta. Also a dozen TV advertising, several theatrical performances and music videos, as well as numerous fashion events. Di Giorgio introduces his film "The Impossible Choice" a with positive look towards the future. A project that has become increasingly ambitious, with level and professionalism, thanks to the cast of international personalities like actor Marco Di Stefano and the Roman actress and showgirl Nathalie Caldonazzo, as well Manuela Malaga, Lorenzo Marangon, Marco Savio, Enzo Stasino, Tommaso Basili, Valentina Carrino, Adriano Fumagalli, Marco Stefano Speziali, Cesare Biondolillo and the parkour Ruben Mevoli.

Di Giorgio is the author and producer of the film, supported by a excellent technical cast: entrusted the film direction under guidance of Samuele Dalò, well known for music videos and short films, as his debut in directing, and Francesco Giusiani supervisior of the post production. Pavia and Oltrepo Pavese are the main location, with some shootings between Volterra, Pisa and Novi Ligure. The screenplay, developed together with Roberto Attolini, sees the in-depth analysis of the main protagonist in his most intimate and troubled choices.

The author communicates to the audience with current and inconvenient topics of our society but with a positive message and hope through a difficult and almost impossible path; for this reason he makes use of every single character in the film. His is a tiptoe communication, he does not want to trample on anyone, among his many objectives there is what concerns two parallel choices: doing what may seem an impossible choice can be reversed during path of life; instead while doing the more obvious choices, this one goes inexorably towards a marked fate.