Tolfa Short Film Festival

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S.Marinella - Saturday, June 30, 21:30 - Short film screening and great guest' Awards





      Amore Bambino (Childhood Love)  (Italy, 2017)

      Directed by Giulio Donato

      Cast: Franco Trevisi, Gisella Burinato, Rafael Dimulescu, Miranda Ardovino

      Running time: 13 minutes


     At a summer camp all the kids behave in a strange way, very little actively. Aldo falls in love with Angela and
    courts her with small gestures. They start living a Child Love.








      Arsenic (Italy, 2017)

      Directed by Katy Monique Cuomo

      Cast: Marianna Dallabetta Armani, Carlo Caprioli, Filippo Gattuso, Emanuela Futia, Katy Monique Cuomo

      Running time: 12 minutes


    A seventeen years old girl without family lives her life with passion and in a full way.
    A dramatic event could destroy her joy of living.
    "The wings of a butterfly, wonderful wings, can not be touched, otherwise it will not be able to fly anymore.
    In the same way, the inner purity of a free spirit, it can be devastated by human wickedness. Fly, butterfly, fly!
    Let the sun heal your wounds" K.M.Cuomo









    Satyagraha (Italy, 2018)

    Directed by Nuanda Sheridan

    Cast: Giusi Merli, Jun Ichikawa, Giulia Rupi, Dhemetra Di Bartolomeo

    Running time: 28 minutes

    A story of love and reincarnation told through the voyage of an elderly woman travelling through her               previous lives. Dreamlike atmospheres, on the border between life and death, intermingle with the colours        of  the far East, of African lands and  the rhythms of bohemian dances, visions that reveal  sexuality,              secrets and torments of a timeless love.






    Smile (Italy, 2018)

     Directed by Kevin Spagnolo 

     Cast: Ylenia Oliviero, Giovanni D'Andrea

     Running time: 6 minutes


     A boy and a girl meeting in a bookstore and the words come to life through the titles of                            the books. The protagonists are lost and find themselves among the shelves and, just through           the books they discover each other. A delicate reflection on relationships at the time of social                 networks,  in which human contacts are becoming shorter and more rarefied



'amore (Italy, 2017)

    Directed by Roberto Posse 

    Cast: Anna Mazzamauro, Greg

    Running time: 19 minutes

    A writer Anna Lora, through a series of interviews, investigates love with Theobald, her handyman butler.