Tolfa Short Film Festival

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The 5th edition of the S. Marinella Film Festival, as the first stage of the International Tour Film Festival, has officially ended.

The new project of a traveling festival started with Santa Marinella (June 29th, 30th and 1st July) and will subsequently take place in Montalto di Castro (Viterbo)  August 25 with an evening dedicated to Monica Vitti, S.Severa (Rome) September 22 with a gala evening dedicated to Amedeo Nazzari, and as closing event October from 3 to 7 in Civitavecchia with a great exhibition dedicated to director Ingmar Bergman as 100th anniversary of his birth (in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden), screening and  awarding of all winning works. 


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Throughout last weekend, Santa Marinella has been main location with three days of previews, guests, exhibitions, fashion shows that have attracted, as always, a large audience of film buffs and audience. An event made by cultural associations Santa Marinella Viva, Civitafilm Commission, Ciak 2000 and Aster Academy with the aim of creating an international traveling festival on the coast of northern Rome to enhance its territory.

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Friday June 29, italian actress Francesca Antonelli, godmother of the festival, opened the event at the presence of journalists, actors and institutional authorities receiving the Silver Apollo award as best actress in the film Manuel, directed by Dario Albertini  and recently released in Italian cinemas after critical acclaim and award received in France, Spain and Belgium.

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Following the national preview of the film The Impossible Choice by Samuele Dalò with Giuseppe Di Giorgio, Nathalie Caldonazzo and Marco Di Stefano. A film focusing on the mafia that will be released in Italian theaters on July 26th. Di Giorgio received the award for best actor in the film, while the Caldonazzo for Best Supporting Actress.

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Saturday  June 30 an intense evening of films and guests with the screening of five Italian short films shortlisted at the presence of directors and actors. For this occasion, awards are delivered to international actress Jun Ichikawa as best actress in the short film  Satyagraha directed by Nuanda Sheridan and cinematographer Roberto Girometti for his effort for the short film Sogni ... dell'amore directed by Roberto Posse; also director Katy Monique Cuomo and Donatella Baglivo attended. Sandra Milo received the prestigious Golden Apollo for the Career and remembered to a moved audience when she visited Roberto Rossellini in his house in Santa Marinella and she told many anecdotes about her career.

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Sunday July 1st was entirely dedicated to the young talents of cinema workshop of Santa Marinella, born two years ago from an idea by Sonia Signoracci, President of the cultural association Santa Marinella Viva, assisted by Cinefantasy Production. During the evening, all short films made by students of workshop were screened.

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Numerous collaborations in this Festival: starting from the company Cinefantasy Production which introduced  a VR project accompanied by the interpretation of Maestro Agostino De Angelis, a well-known theater actor and the artistic direction of Ombretta Del Monte,  where cinema and theater come together through virtual reality.

The designer Anna Rotella introduced her brand clothes Azugaba, through the models of the school Gloria Salipante. Another great stylist Lara Roggi  introduced her 50s style brand clothes, assisted by director Virginia Barret, making a short but exciting fashion show as homage to Sandra Milo.

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During the event some vintage cars were exhibited by the Association Circuito Storico S. Marinella, curated by Daniele Padelletti. The 5th Santa Marinella Short Film Festival is sponsored by: Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Municipality of S.Marinella, Lazio Region, Mibact and supported by the BCC di S.Marinella.


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