Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Aglio, olio e assassino by Pino Imperatore - BOOK LAUNCH

An inveterate bachelor police inspector, a hard-faced commissioner and two masters of Neapolitan cuisine with a ready-made joke: the funniest detective team in Italian crime!

In the charming district of Mergellina, Francesco and Peppe Vitiello manage the award winning Parthenope restaurant, dispensing good dishes and even more tasty anecdotes. Inspector Gianni Scapece, a lover of cooking no less than women, works in the police station just opened in front of the restaurant and tells the story of living the ghost of a cheerful widow. For him it is a return home, because was born in that neighborhood and in the hospitality of the Vitiello finds again the warmth and the truth.  Several weeks before Christmas, Naples is shaken by the murder of a boy, whose body is literally "seasoned" by the killer with garlic, oil and chilli pepper. Why such a macabre ritual? Which message does it hide? To find the answer, the inspector will have to dig between symbols, legends and beliefs of the Neapolitan culture, with the help of his boss, the  police commissioner Carlo Improta, and by the crackling intuitions of Vitiello. In a novel which skilfully combines comedy and police investigation, Pino Imperatore make a formidable chorus of passions and joy, of baseness and strokes of genius. An exciting race against time, with an extraordinary epilogue!


Pino Imperatore                                                                                 

Pino Imperatore was born in Milan in 1961 from a neapolitan family. He lives and works in Campania region, since his childhood. He's author of four novels and many theatre plays, winning several awards for humorous writing.