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Audrey Hepburn - Immagini di un'attrice by Margherita Lamesta Krebel BOOK LAUNCH

Hovering in a dozen or so films but linked by a thematic theme thread growing towards that first-rate interpretative maturity, conquered by the diva Audrey Hepburn, this debut book is not only a broad recognition of the actress's cinematographic activity but also a in-depth, rigorous and personal examination of the specific characteristics pertaining to cinematographic acting.

Suitable not only for an initiated audience but also for those who approach with simple and genuine flair at the universe of Cinema, this essay comes from the heart and points straight to the heart. Clear is the love for the living material of performance. The reader is captured by a vibrant and overwhelming empathy that flows at high speed all in one breath.
An absolutely unprecedented picture of an actress of incomparable charm and talent, so much to be proclaimed in 1999 by the American Film Institute, "the third greatest actress ever" after Bette Davis and the Katherine Hepburn.



Margherita Lamesta Krebel 

Journalist,actress and writer, she graduated in Literature at La Sapienza University in Rome, where she attended seminars on film writing held by Prof. Orio Caldiron with Suso Cecchi D'Amico, Furio Scarpelli and Vincenzo Cerami.
As a journalist of cinema,theater,art,fashion she collaborated with the following newspapers: Il Fatto Quotidiano, Sipario, Lumsa News, NSC - Cineforum Italiano,,,
At the LUMSA University he collaborated with Prof. Emilio Lonero (Director of the Venice Film Festival and La Rivista del Cinematografo) for the Lezioni d'Autore seminar series. As an actress she studied and collaborated, among others, with: G. Strehler, B. Myers, P. Brook, A. Ninchi, C. Marchand, C. Anderson, M. Margotta, G. Seacat, T. Taylor (Co -producer by Bill Wyman, former "Rolling Stones"). He won two scholarships - (in acting with Summer school at London's LAMDA and in fashion for an MA at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna  and the National Literary Prize Mario dell'Arco (Publications), in 2010, with the film script Gonna mon amour, edited by Prof. Tullio de Mauro, former Minister of Public Education.
In 2013 she debuted as author and  actress with the unique act Qualcosa non Detto, presented at  Castel dei Mondi International Festival directed by A. Ninchi.
AUDREY HEPBURN - Immagini di un'attrice (published by Tabula fati 2017) is her first editorial publication, awarded with Premio UNPLI Autore Emergente 2018 (Amalfi - Salerno) and first edition of Premio Letterario Internazionale 2018 "San Tommaso d'Aquino"  - Festival della Cultura Award (Mercato San Severino - Salerno).


“… A Myth to be read …” (Marilena Pastore, Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno)

“… Unique…” (Chiara Barbo, Vivi il Cinema)

“… this book accomplished a miracle…”  (Paolo Nizza, Sky Cinema)

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