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La Costituzione come educazione alla legalità by Raffaele Marzo BOOK LAUNCH

The "Seventieth anniversary of the Italian Constitution" represents an important moment for reflecting on the sometimes difficult path of our country; thus, this investigation aspires to be an attempt to highlight relevant nuances and insights.

The term "Constitution" is composite, as can be said for the concepts of "legality" and, probably, this also applies to "education". This triad, however, can represent the base on which build a strong basis: the calls to respect the rules without this civic awareness are not enough; a culture of legality can't be fully realized  without reference to the basis of the constitutional state; and it would be useless to learn the mechanisms of the proper functioning of the institutions without assessing certain "distortions" and daily "devaluations". Constitutional norms reflect the spirit of a people and are a clear expression of its degree of civilization: the knowledge of the Constitution is indispensable to the citizen, whose participation in the life of the community will be all the more profitable for himself and for others. 


Raffaele Marzo (1986) Lawyer and Expert in Constitutional Law at the University of Salento, he holds lectures and modules on Law and Legislation, Citizenship and Constitution and active citizenship at Schools, training and cultural institutions.