Tolfa Short Film Festival

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ITFF FASHION AWARD 2018 to Massimiliano Varrese


Massimiliano Varrese is a full artist: actor, singer, dancer, songwriter, writer and martial artist.

During his career he received several awards such as Vittorio Gassman Award for best young  talent, Beato Angelico Medal and  Norman Academy USA for the moral, civil and ethical religious qualities. He always supported the study of martial arts, meditation and holistic disciplines which have greatly influenced his way of approaching. Founder of the T.O.T. ™ and T.O.T. ™ methods on the management of anxiety and performance fear, aimed at improving and optimizing the awareness of one's personal and professional goals. Also is lecturer at the Armando Curcio Institute and various Academies including Acting Academy held under guidance of actress Claudia Gerini.