Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Wednesday October 3, 21:30: Sconnessi directed by Christian Marazziti


Directed by Christian Marazziti


Cast:Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Ricky Memphis, Carolina Crescentini, Stefano Fresi, Antonia Liskova, Giulia Elettra Gorietti, Benedetta Porcaroli, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Maurizio Mattioli, Daniela Poggi, Carolina Rey, Fabrizio Nardi, Nico Di Rienzo. Written by: Christian Marazziti, Michela Andreozzi, Massimiliano Vado, Fabrizio Nardi and Gianluca Tocci

Produced by: Roberto Cipullo, Mario Pezzi, Alberto Salerno

Cinematography by: Maurizio Calvesi

Edited by: Luciana Pandolfelli

Music composed by: REHEGOO MUSIC Stefano Switala

Running time: 85 minutes

Production Country and year: Italy, 2018

A CAMALEO S.r.l. production in collaboration with Falcon Productions Ltd 

Released under Vision Distribution (Italy)



Ettore (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), well-known writer, guru of the analogue and public enemy of the Internet, on the occasion of his birthday brings the whole family to his chalet in the mountains, and tries to finally create a bond between his two sons, Claudio (Eugenio Franceschini), an online poker player, and Giulio (Lorenzo Zurzolo), a nerd and introvert high school student, with his second wife, the beautiful, young and a little 'naive' Margherita (Carolina Crescentini), pregnant in the seventh month. The group is joined by Achille (Ricky Memphis), a half brother of Margherita just kicked out of his wife's house, and Tea (Giulia Elettra Gorietti), a young fiancée of Claudio and a devoted fan of Ettore. Once in the chalet, they find Olga (Antonia Liskova), the very reliable Ukrainian nanny, with her daughter Stella (Benedetta Porcaroli), an adolescent dependent on social networks. Surprise also comes Palmiro (Stefano Fresi), the bipolar brother of Margherita and Achille, who escaped from the nursing home. When the group suddenly remains without an internet connection, everyone becomes panicked ... and the consequences will be rocambole. The secrets and convictions of the protagonists will soon be overturned, the "disconnection" will put them in front of all their insecurities and will have to reset and restart.





It will certainly happened to you, walking through the streets of your city or sitting at a table in a bar, to perceive with great intensity the devastating effects of the digital revolution occurred in these recent years and due to the radical change of communication. Emphasize the obvious things is absolutely needless: ten years ago to communicate with the other part of the planet it took days, even weeks. Same way to point out that the "e-mail" is perhaps the greatest invention of our time related to Internet and its potential. But one thing is certain: if our way to communicate has substantially changed through mobile phones , nowadays with smartphones the connection between people has certainly achieved an effectiveness and a systematic which become absolutely essential for the life of each of us. Probably without it no freelancer would be more able to carry on his work, manage his business, or even just be connected to his family. As someone claims, smartphone have become the real black box of our lives. Obviously, every revolution, whether digital or political or even industrial, is never just a great change but a real linking between past and future. Every great innovation has always suppressed the past and opened doors and glimpses of the future. But was it Henry Ford, the man who said that car was simply a momentary fashion and that soon everyone would realize that goods and people could safely continue to be transported on horseback? Was it Edison to be mocked, when he claimed that the tungsten light bulb would change way to illuminate the house, the industry, the life? Last famous words, as we say. It is also true every revolution which brings about a great change over time reveals the pros and cons. In reference to the digital revolution, this ability to be always connected to the people we love, with whom we work, or who simply attend in our free time, has certainly reduced technical time but has expanded the distances between people. Many sociologists are already reporting this event as "scandalous" when they see people seated in a pub where very often nobody talks but all communicate and literally lost in their smartphone. Connection and alienation. This ability to be close to someone,  would seem to have almost canceled to the search someaon and at the same time the old way for a meeting, in a downtown bar, maybe on a rainy afternoon, with the sole purpose of relating and chat in person. Although today's technology allows make also video call, this process is getting controversial results and is a subject of analysis by scholars of the masses and habits of our time.

From this premise the director put up to the attention of his staff of writers a "reason / why" concept. What if: What would happen if people belonging to the same family they realized suddenly to be least capable of interacting each other only, if not through a chat and social network? What would a family man be willing to do, just to put all his family with a board game ? From this film subject we came up to the conclusion that perhaps it was appropriate to tell a story, to shoot a film, which would reflect the audience on this new dimension of communication which now concerns us. Thus the script was born. A film which reflects on what we become and who wants to highlight how smartphones are now a "real extension" of our mind, even of our actions. An innovative plot, full of twists to make us reflect on how you can actually live and rediscover the pleasure of an evening spent in front of a lit fireplace, without posting a photo or a video online. If before the photos were a something unique, preserved over time gets old yellowed, and every time we found them we took a dip in the past, the new way of capture images nowadays has almost killed the charm of Polaroid. The protagonists of our film will make their way, they will find themselves "disconnected" from the world on the top of a mountain, but they will discover that the distances between people can't be filled by an electronic impulse, but can grow and evolve only thanks to human contact. A sentence, a sweet or bad word, or just a look, are only true if you look deeply into your eyes. Everything else should remain a game, but maybe even on this occasion humans have let themselves get carried away.




Actor, director and screenwriter. He attended various stages and acting workshops. He began his career as actor with "Italiani" directed by Maurizio Ponzi, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 1996. He then appeared in several feature films and TV productions for the Italian market. He worked with acclaimed italian directors like Pupi Avati and Alessandro D'Alatri. He was nominated for Globo d'Oro Award a actor and producer for the short film "Pollicino" (2012). He directed and starred in several short films, including: "No Limits", winner of the 2016 First Cine Fiesta Italia Award (Santa Fe, Mexico) and shortlisted at the Los Angeles Short Film Fest in 2014 (Los Angeles) - USA); "Quando dico no è no!", which received special mentions at several film festivals like Reggio Calabria Film Festival,  Cortina Comedy Festival, Civita Bagnoregio Festival and Massimo Troisi Festival. He made his feature film debut "E-bola", winning awards at the Ischia Film Fest, Cinema Capri - Hollywood 2015 Cape Town Film Festival, Rome Film Festival 2015 and Terra di Siena Film Festival.


Vision Distribution is the film distribution company established in December 2016 by Sky Italy group agreement with five of the largest independent Italian production companies: Cattleya, Wildside, Lucisano Media Group, Palomar and Indiana Production. For the first time a media company and some important Italian independent producers join forces to offer new opportunities to the market, supporting and stimulating Italian cinema, through an innovative, open and participatory model. The company bases its company philosophy on the idea of trying different paths both on the distribution models and on contents and language, based on the contamination of worlds and experiences, with the main mission to contribute and raise value of Italian film offer and its size at the Box Office. Vision Distribution wants to propose a balanced portfolio of securities to ensure each one of them a deeper marketing dedicated and the construction of vertical promotional activities to conquer the target audience. A list mainly composed of Italian films is also open to opportunities of the international film market. 


CAMALEO was founded in Rome in 2007 by Roberto Cipullo - creative director and executive producer - and Maurizio Millefiorini - post production director and director. From the beginning of his activity, Roberto Cipullo has dedicated himself to the film industry with two major international productions. In 2007 he co-produced "Goodbye Bafana", on the life of Nelson Mandela. The film, directed by Bille August and starring Joseph Fiennes, Dennis Hayspert and Diane Kruger as protagonists, was presented at the 57th Berlin Film Festival in February 2007. Following, an Italian-French production "Les Brigades du Tigre" from the eponymous French cult series of the '70s.  The film was directed by Jérôme Cornuau and starred Clovis Cornillac, Diane Kruger and Stefano Accorsi. Since 2009 Roberto Cipullo largely involved in the production of Italian entertainment cinema: "Tris di Donne e Abiti Nuziali", a comedy on high social standing with Sergio Castellitto and Martine Gedek co-produced with Rai Cinema, presented at the 66th Venice Film Festival and later distribuited under 01 Distribution. In 2012 he produced "Outing - Fidanzati per sbaglio" with Massimo Ghini, Nicolas Vaporidis, Claudia Potenza and Giulia Michelini. In 2015 Roberto Cipullo develope for the first time in Italy an experimental project, linking training activities through film: "E-bola", written and directed by Christian Marazziti.  In this film, six researchers from all over the world, while studying the development of a vaccine, find themselves fighting against the epidemic that occurs right in their laboratory. It will be a fight against time to save humanity and themselves. Entirely shot in English language between Rome, London and Marburg (Germany) for four weeks, destined to international market, was presented at the Rome Film Festival in 2015. In 2015 Mario Pezzi join Camaleo; since that moment,  the company starts to plan several film productions which will lead the company to produce six films in the 2016/2018 three-year period. For the film "Sconnessi"  Alberto Salerno joins to the company, bringing a new entrepreneurial way to the project.