Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Thursday October 4 17:00 - Fashion show "Yugen between Fashion and Art" by Anna Rotella

Yugen - Between Fashion and Art

Anna Rotella, fashion designer who recently won the Matera 2018 Eco-Friedly innovation Fashion Award, presents Yugen between fashion and art. Yugen is a Japanese term which indicates what is unfathomable and mysterious: a work of art transmits us yugen when we manage to capture in a light, an impression that even for a moment, can reveal to us some of the secrets of the universe.

For this event Anna Rotella presents the Dedalusart and Noh collections, created together with the artists Mauro Carac and Fabio Truffa. The clothes of these collections, carefully hand painted, are also "eco-friendly" as they are made exclusively with 100% natural fabrics or through the use and recovery of ancient fabrics.

The creations Dedalusart and Noh are born from a total and  a deep immersion in the suggestions of art, with a particular harmony with oriental art world.