Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Wednesday October 3 21,00 - ITFF CAREER AWARD 2018 to MAURIZIO MATTIOLI

Mattioli started his career in 1973 and from eighties onwards he acted in more than 90 film. He worked with Sergio Martino, Stefano Reali and Carlo Vanzina.

 After starring in the theater in Un paio d'ali in 1997 he played the role of Alberto Dominici for  TV series Un ciclone in famiglia and as Augusto Cesaroni for the TV series I Cesaroni. He is also remembered for parodies of Bill Clinton and various shows of Bagaglino theatre company whose he has been part of for several years both in the theatrical and television projects. He has dubbed many characters in animated films for italian releases  Antz and Over the hedge. Among his best known performances is the character of Nino Diamanti in series Anni 60. In 1998 for the following three editions staged is part as Mastro Titta in Rugantino. In 2014 he received the special award Leggio d'oro Alberto Sordi.