Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Sunday October 7, 10:00 and 17:30 - Out Of Competition Film Screening




  Epolé (Spain, 2018)

  Directed by  Fernando Ferres Lòpez, Alba Manzanas Sànchez, Zoraida Palacios Rico

 Running time:  5 minutes

   Epolé is a documentary film about how a professional Spanish dancer, Esmeralda Manzanas, feels the art   of  Flamenco. Epolé shows the transversality of the dance in the rest of arts. Esmeralda tells us her point of    view and the way she understands Dance as a lifestyle, with its lights and shadows.







 Una goccia per la vita  (Italy, 2017)

 Directed by Giovanni Fraticelli, Sabrina Laidani, Paolo Di Giancamillo

 Cast:  Andrea Di Pietro, Leandro Galioto

 Running time: 13 minutes

A short film made by the students of High School Cappannari in Civitavecchia, to raise awareness among young people on the theme of blood donation and the activity carried out by AVIS association. The story of this short film, all narrated through flashback, comes gently to the heart of the audience, showing  knowledge, narrative ability, artistic and human sensitivity of the students.






 Blood Red Wine (Italy, 2018)

 Directed by Roberto Leggio

 Cast: Daniele Califano, Irene Merenda

 Running time: 4 minutes

 A couple, returning from a masked party, is flirting on a sofa while drinking red wine, alterned with images from  an old film. When the boy's advances become more audacious, something changes the atmosphere. The red liquid is spilling around from a poured cup ...











   Broken Balance  (Italy, 2018)

  Directed by Sara Presutti, Stefania Ranalli, Giorgia Cotroneo 

  Cast: Giorgia Anniballi, Ilenia D'ascenzo, Alessio Delle Donne, Zeffiro   Trionfo, Andrea Vella, Alessia Campo,   Tommaso Imperio

  Running time: 15 minutes


“Ciak Scuola” (Ciak School) short film project made by Cultural Association Santa Marinella and Cinefantasy Productions.

In a small town everything seems quiet when Sam, eighteen years old,  mysteriously disappears. The commissary Traviani will have to rebuild that night of the disappearance through the stories of the two main suspects: the beautiful and spoiled sister of the victim Cassandra and the shy and embarrassed Sam’s friend David…














 14 Maggio 1943 - La Memoria Ritrovata (Italy, 2018)

 Directed by Roberta Galletta

 Cast: Roberta Galletta, Marisa Paoloni, Nadia Branchi, Rossana Giudici, Renato Biferali

 Running time: 50 minutes


A documentary about the human and material sacrifice that Civitavecchia has always brought to Rome and during the crucial years of the second war; a crossroads for the embarkation and landing of the German troops, suffered between 1943 and 1944. Through the words of the witnesses , at the time children between 7 and 14 years old, is narrated the destruction of the city occurred with the first Anglo American bombardment happened in May 14, 1943, when the Allied fortresses devastated the port and the city of Civitavecchia with an impressive number of boming for an entire year. The people leaved Civitavecchia, displaced in the surrounding countryside and in the neighboring cities. The witnesses tell what they were doing just before the bombing, how they perceived that event, who put them in safety, where they found refuge and especially how they managed to rebuild their city,giving them hope and showing the best side of their community.




  The Job - The N.O.A.T. Division (Italy,Chile,2018)

  Directed by Jorge Nicolas Molinari

  Cast:Ester Vinci, Valerio Quattrini, Rocco Passarella, Roberta Procida,Jean Michelle Danquin,                      Jorge Nicolas Molinari, Gabriel Molinari, Alla Kust, Luis Salgado

  Running time: 125 minutes

 Nicolas Santos, a skilled soldier, after the death of his brother-in-law and best friend in mission, is now assigned to undercover work in a drug cartel, finding to be a more extensive criminal organization.