Tolfa Short Film Festival

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A new Film Tourism format: from ITFF to European Parliament...with Raiworld Production


The activists of Eboli's M5S meetup in synergy with Isabella Adinolfi, MEP of the European Parliament and member of the Committee on Culture and Education, in line with the European guidelines in terms of reorganization and enhancement of the community cultural artistic heritage, they are going to promote the conveyance of a narrative video format conceived by Eleonora Raimondo. "Cine Turismo Sperimentale: la settima arte educa i popoli " was first introduced at the Civitavecchia Port Authorities in 2017, during the sixth edition of International Tour Film Festival. Ele Raimondo's filmography is well received at film festivals: her film "Eboli" received several awards including the Cine Turismo Special Award from Cine Cibo Festival Award and conferred by actor Michele Placido in 2014 for the "Eboli in Tour" videotour.


Also the documentary "Eboli. Before and after Christ " received a special mention from The Foundation Luigi Gaeta - Carlo Levi Study Center as part of the Official Celebrations of the 40th anniversary Carlo Levi's departure, author of the famous book "Christ stopped at Eboli". She received the "Eboli" Special Prize for the entire tourism cinematic project in 2016, from publisher Il Saggio - Centro Studi Storici as part of the official awards for the 19th edition of the "Il Saggio" International Poetry Competition.

In 2015 the Format arrives at EXPO with Terracilento quickly making a great interest among professionals, becoming an Experiential Travel Agent.

Next December 5, 2018, film director Eleonora Raimondo aka Ele Raiworld will introduce her new format Video at the European Parliament in Brussels through a public debate and the screening of some audiovisual works related to the theme. Piero Pacchiarotti, President of Civita Film Commission and International Tour Film Festival, will attend this event and fully support this project.

The experimental Film Tourism aims to establish, with a five-year development, on the territories chosen a new cultural approach linked to the history of places, and to their importance, a model of TOURIST DEVELOPMENT starting from the cinematographic strategy and translating into travel packages or a "movie" tour experience ".

A project linked to the history of places, and to the analysis of its possible tourist projections. It is proposed, almost scientifically, to re-educate a people for the purpose of its growth in perceived awareness of the place.
And only after correctly allocates, services and products of Cultural Tourism and Filmmaking matrix.
A serious and lasting tourism process creates ideas which are the result of that same awareness found for the establishment of a production paradigm, linked to the importance of places through the transmission of certain messages that characterize history and traditions.

Raiworld Production,an audiovisual production company operating in Eboli, signed the executive of the "Eboli" film project through the creation of the Film document "EBOLI -Before and after Christc",video work "Eboli in Tour" and the short film "Leggenda Lucana" with original music by Miky Up and the English translation by Donna Nadia Knap and Antonio De Vivo.