Tolfa Short Film Festival

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CALL FOR ENTRIES Citizens of Europe - Education, Legality and Security

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International Tour Film Fest in agreement with the Professional Association of Teachers of Legal and Economic Sciences (APIDGE)


Citizens of Europe - Education, Legality and Security

Selection of short films about the European Union

in its forms and institutional expressions



APIDGE Association invites the professors of legal and economic sciences and their students to join this special competititve category of International Tour Film Festival.

It is proposed to the participants to realize a "reasoned synthesis", in the form of a short film,of the content of a lesson in Law or Political Economy carried out both in curricular and strengthening of educational activities. The competition aims  to affirm the importance assumed by the European Union through food for thought and analysis on the current situation, the future of Europe, relating them to the hopes and expectations of the founding fathers.

What is Europe and what do students dream for Europe over the next ten years?

Legal and economic sciences, through a careful reading of the founding documents and with an accurate definition of the tasks and the roles of the institutions, can guarantee the research and the

useful study for the determination of shared knowledge and values at the foundation of Europe.


Furthermore, the acquisition of citizenship competences that will be object of evaluation regarding the teaching of "Citizenship and Constitution" and of "Civic Education" understood as a discipline in its own right, with its own didactic value on the teaching and contents plan.

The teachers of Legal and Economic Sciences who will join the initiative will also have the opportunity to propose innovative didactic paths, in order to understand the importance of the basic principles at the foundation of the European Union.

APIDGE supports that in all Italian and European schools the study of the inalienable rights of the person is respect for the dignity of man and his liberties is pursued, the duty to comply with the law is determined, the instruments of protection of the citizen and consumer, the foundations are laid to guarantee the participation of all in common decisions.

Participation in this initiative will also guarantee an opportunity for meeting and dialogue between the different teaching experiences gained in teaching "Law", "Political Economy" and "Citizenship and Constitution".



The students are invited to develop a short film based on teaching activities themed on social and civic respect.

The Contest

The competition is open to the students of  Italian and European secondary schools, called to propose a "reasoned synthesis", in the form of a short film, of a lesson in the activities aimed at enhancing the autonomy of:   secondary and upper secondary school.


All the works submitted will be included in the thematic channel CITIZENS OF EUROPE of the International Tour Film Fest 2019. The selected works will be presented during the closing evenings and included in the national program of Festival and in the most significant events promoted by the APIDGE Association.



Works made with any technique and any kind , finalized in the form of a documentary  are admitted to the competition.

Participants can submit their works using smartphones, tablets, video cameras or digital graphics.

Running time limit: 30 minutes, including opening and closing credits.

The video must be delivered as DVD copy to:

Civitafilmcommission via Togliatti 12 - 00053 Civitavecchia, Rome, ITALY

or sent by email (WeTransfer) in .mov or .mp4 format at the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline:  June 30, 2019



(Alternative link: )    

The submission must contain a technical sheet  signed by the teacher, attached to this regulation and must be accompanied by a letter - in PDF format - Authorization of the School Manager concerning the processing of data and the work, authorizing the International Tour Film Fest  to integrate the works within the program for further screenings. The letter must be attached to the online entry form.


Juries and Awards

The Jury will be composed of APIDGE members and well-known cinema personalities .



  •  Best  work (Trophy)
  •  Second classified work (Plaque)
  •  Third classified work (Plaque)
  •  Best development (Trophy)
  •  Best concept (Trophy)


The organization is authorized to organize partial screening, for the press or  promotion of the festival.

The calendar and the schedule of the screenings are the exclusive competence of the Festival organization, which will take care of the publication of a general catalogue of the selected work and programming.

The works received will be kept in the archives of the CivitaFilmCommission Cultural Association and APIDGE Association. The works may be selected for subsequent screening for no profit purposes.

The organization, while engaging in the care and custody of the received works, does not assume responsibility for any theft or damage that these should suffer.

By registering for the competition, every single Author claims content of his works and authorizes the organization of the festival to the processing of his data according to the law.

By registering for the competition, the author declares to be in possession of all the rights of his work and responsible for the content of the work itself.

Participation in the Competition implies acceptance of this regulation in all its paragraphs.

For any dispute, the competent court is the one in Civitavecchia (RM).


Piero Pacchiarotti - President of ITFF and CivitaFilmCommission

Sonia Signoracci - President of Santa Marinella Viva Onlus

Professor Ezio Sina - President of APIDGE