Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Santa Marinella: Friday June 28, 21:30 - Screening: La Partita directed by Francesco Carnesecchi

La Partita



Directed by Francesco Carnesecchi
Cast: Francesco Pannofino, Alberto Di Stasio, Gabriele Fiore, Giorgio Colangeli, Fabrizio Sabatucci, Stefano Ambrogi, Lidia Vitale, Veruska Rossi
Screenplay: Francesco Carnesecchi
Cinematography by Stefano Ferrari
Edited by Giovanni Pompetti
Music composed by Alessio Lottero, Vanni Fiorelli
Producers: Francesco Carnesecchi, Andrette Lo Conte, Giovanni Pompetti
Produced by Freak Factory, Wrong Way Pictures
Distribuited by Premiere Film
Running time: 1 hour and 40 minutes



On the football field you decide not only the fate of the championship, but the life of those who have decided to change their lives. Who for money as Italo, the president of "Sporting" who has played everything he has on the result - who for honor, like Mr. Bulla, the coach who has never won nothing - and who to pursue a dream, like Antonio, the team captain who wants to become a footballer. While outside the field the world continues to to live, to die and to be full of contradictions, during the match the time it stops because that is the most important moment of all time




Director's note

"La Partita" is a film that takes us straight into the heart of Rome and Italy nowadays, framing its weaknesses and contradictions. The all-encompassing passion for the soccer is the angle through which all the characters are put in perspective. The lesson is: the soccer is not only a game even when you play, and you have to put your ears and your heart to those moments when everything converges and time crystallizes because everything is too intense. 

Francesco Carnesecchi 

Born in 1985, he graduated in Rome, in Direction and Audiovideo Production at the IED, and obtained a master's degree in Filmmaking in New York, at the New York Film Academy. In 2011, again in New York, he founded Wrong Way Pictures, a company specializing in commercial, music-video and fiction.




Freak Factory is an italian film production company founded by Andrette Lo Conte and Aldo Iuliano in 2013, based in Rome. Andrette runs the company as CEO since 2014. Movies produced by Freak Factory were selected by the most important international film festivals and some of them were funded by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage (MIBACT).
The most successful short movies produced by Freak Factory are ‘Fulgenzio’, a festival award-winning comedy and ‘Penalty’, a drama about migration, which was the most awarded Italian short-film around the world in 2017, it won t‍‍‍he Italian Golden Globe and it was ‘in consideration’ for the Academy Awards 2018. In 2018 Freak Factory produced the Italian feature film ‘La Partita’ directed by Fran‍cesco Carnesecchi with Francesco Pannofino, Giorgio Colangeli, Lidia Vitale and other famous Italian actors. ‍‍‍