Tolfa Short Film Festival

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Santa Marinella -Sunday 30 June, 21:30 BOOK LAUNCH Un falò tra le dune by Marina Marucci and Anna Grazia Mastrofilippo

 Un falò tra le dune 

An adventure and coming-of-age novel


Desert of "Fourth Void" , Rub 'al Khali, Yemen. In 1973, on the caravan route between Sana'a and Ma'rib we meet our characters, women with different ages, cultures, countries and traditions but united by the call of the desert and the ruins of the ancient kingdom of the Queen of Saba. In the archaeological site of Ma'rib, around a bonfire, they tell of their experiences of modern, courageous women in search of their emancipation



Fatima teaches sociology at the University of Rabat, Morocco, and is famous as a pioneer of Islamic feminism. In September 1983 she received a package, inside which she found two diaries and some of her notes. She lost these notes ten years earlier, when she went to Yemen for study reasons. The diaries belong to two young Italian women, Manuela and Sophia, who became companions of Fatima's adventures during the caravan trip in Yemen from Sana'a to the archaeological site of Ma'rib. On the way, a band of marauders assails them while Nabila, a fleeing bride, takes refuge on their vehicle. After alternating vicissitudes where Sophia knows Frank, an Italian American archaeologist and Elvira, holder of a strange briefcase, a civil war breaks out. Our protagonists will be removed from the archaeological site of Ma'rib and on the last evening, before leaving, the bonfire of the farewell will light up, where the women involved will reveal their stories, experiences and feelings.