Tolfa Short Film Festival

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In this section are published

the calendar of events and the calendar of screening.


International Tour Film Festival


Cittadella Della Musica

Via Gabriele D'Annunzio 2

9-13 October 2019 







19,30: Opening Event with Godmother Ester Vinci and authorities at prestigious location “La

Cittadella della Musica” with opening of the photographic exhibition  “Cinema and Myth” in collaboration with S.N.G.C.I. and exhibition of brand image project by High School Art of Civitavecchia.

21,00:Sala Morricone: Opening event with singers  Armando Caforio and Kumiko Yoshii, Roberta Manovelli and  Sergio Grech dell from Association L’Arte del Canto; Awards delivering: ITFF Special Award 2019 to Chef Bruno Brunori; ITFF Career Award 2019 to actor  Andrea Roncato and ITFF Fashion Award 2019 to actress Daniela Poggi.  Screening of film Il Signor Diavolo directed by Pupi Avati.

Evening hosted by Anastasia  Vasilyeva  and Simone Gallo



14,30: Competition Film Screening: Animation- Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

·         Come and see (United Kingdom, 2018) directed by Enrico Lambiase

·         Apfelmus (Applesauce) (Austria, 2019) directed by  Alexander Gratzer

·         Mr. Eichmann and the Maverick Goat (United Kingdom, 2019) directed by Qiao Chang 

·         An eye for an eye (Poland, 2018) directed by Julia Płoch

·         Robot's Design Academy (Taiwan, 2018) directed by Liu De-Wei

·         Not Today (Belgium, 2018) directed by Marine Jacob

·         Mr. Deer (Iran, 2018) directed by Mojtaba Mousavi

·         Sentō (Israel, 2018) directed by Gal Sharir

·         Пять мину тд оморя (Five minutes to sea) (Russia, 2018) directed by Natalia Mirzoyan

·         隱匿的方寸空間 (Hidden Zone) (Malaysia, 2019) directed by Ng Chee Chong

·         Mr. Angle (Italy, 2019) directed by Mattia Bioli

·         The good queue (Spain, 2018) directed by Roger Giménez 


16,00: Competition Film Screening: Fiction   - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)


·         Tu Último Día En La Tierra (Your Last Day On Earth) (Spain, 2019) directed by Marc Martínez Jordán

·         Uscire fuori (Out) (Italy, 2018) directed by Michele Leonardi   

·         Marcher dans la nuit (Night Walking) (Belgium, France, 2018) directed by Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni

·         A estranha velha que enforcava cachorros (The strange old woman who hung dogs) (Brasil, 2017) directed by Thiago Morais

·         Maintenant On Peut Mourir Tranquille (Now we can die in peace) (France, Belgium, 2018) directed by Arnaud Guez

·         Déjà vu (Canada, 2018) directed by Atefeh Khademolreza    

·         Мама (Mother) (Russia, 2018) directed by Vasiliy Kiselev

·         열한고개  (Eleven Pass) (South Korea, 2018) directed by Youngseok Jang




17,30: Competition Film Screening: Documentary- Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)


·         Who am I? (The Netherlands, 2018) directed by Rose Hanawi

·         SVADBÁRI (How Peter got married) (Slovakia, 2019)directed by Peter Kružic

·         Não Me Calam (They won't steal my voice) (Brasil, 2018)di Bárbara Cunha

·         Bildiğim Ev (The Home I Know) (Turkey, 2018) directed by Gina Albiek

·         Natale Italiano (Italy, 2019) directed by Cesare Baccheschi


Ore 19,00:Out of competition film screening:- Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone) 

Short Films of Stockholms Filmskola (Sweden)


·         Café Limbo (Sweden, 2017) directed by Jimmy Hilli

·         Rosa Rummet (Sweden, 2017) directed by Maximilien Ludovicy             

·         Säg ja (Say Yes) (Sweden, 2018) directed by Johan Stavsjö

·         She is not there (Sweden, 2018) directed by Linda Carlberg



21,00 Sala Morricone: Screening of Academy Award® Short film Skin directed by Guy Nattiv. Screening of film Caina directed by Stefano Amatucci, and meeting with the director and the actress Luisa Amatucci. Evening hosted by Floriana Gigli




14,30: Competition Film Screening : Fiction- Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)


·         A Scratch on a Sponge Cake (Russia, 2019) directed by Alexander Harlamov

·         White (United Kingdom, 2018) directed by David Moya             

·         The swimsuit  season (Italy, 2018) directed by Antonino Valvo

·         Aux Chiottes! (I did it in Cancun) (France, 2017) directed by Matthieu Moerlen

·         Nina (Italy, 2018) directed by Sabina Pariante

·         邮差 (The Postman) (Singapore, 2018) directed by Francis Lau

·         America (Romania, 2019)directed by George ve Gänæaard and Horia Cucută 


16,00: Competition Film Screening: Documentary- Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)


·         The end of eternity (Argentina, Peru, 2018) directed by Pablo Radice

·         Il rifugio (The shelter) (Italy, 2019) directed by Simonetta Barbon

·         Aagaswadi (Village in the sky) (India, 2018) directed by Ramesh Laxmanrao Holbole

·         Locked Away (Libya, 2018) directed by Mohamed Lagha

·         La fiaba perduta (The lost fairytale)  (Italy, 2019) directed by Cristian Natoli and Giulio Gattuso



17,30: Out of Competition Film Screening - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

Short films of National Film School of Łódź (Poland)


·         Ab Ovo                (Poland,  2012)directed by Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi 

·         Kigo (Poland, 2013) directed by Izumi Yoshida

·         Dokument (A documentary film) (Poland, 2015) directed by Marcin Podolec

·         Zaczyn (Leaven) (Poland, 2015)directed by Artur Hanaj

·         Pies Schroedingera (Schoredinger's Dog) (Poland, 2016) directed by Natalia Krawczuk

·         Tango Tęsknot (Tango of Longing) (Poland,2017) directed by Marta Szymanska

·         Kwadratura koła (Squaring the circle) (Poland, 2018) directed by Karolina Specht

·         Mój dziwny starszy brat (My Strange Older Brother) (Poland, 2018) directed by Julia Orlik

·         Na zdrowie! (Bless you!) (Poland, 2018)directed by Paulina Ziolkowska            

·         Inny (The other) (Poland, 2018) directed by Marta Magnuska


18,30: Competition Film Screening: Italian Feature Film - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

Be Kind (Italy, 2018) directed by Sabrina Paravicini and Nino Monteleone



21,00:Sala Morricone: Award Delivering:  ITFF Award for Media 2019  to producer Nicola Vizzini and ITFF Special Award 2019 to actress and director  Maria Grazia Nazzari

Following, out of competition screening of film  Vinilici directed by Fulvio Iannucci anddocumentary Isabel la Criolla (Creole Isabel) directed by Marcel Czombos.  Evening hosted by Elisa Tassi



14,30 Competition Film Screening Citizens of Europe - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

·         La giovane Unione Europea” Lei, la sua storia, il suo futuro…  directed by Maria Rosaria Raucci, 

             Alessandra Ommeniello- ISISS "Terra di lavoro" Caserta (CE)

·         Cittadini D'Europa directed by Angela Pernice IIS Vespucci-Colombo Livorno (LI)

·         Ride - Liberi di muoverci directed by Silvia Luciani, Istituto Comprensivo "Enrico Fermi" Macerata (MC)

·         Uniti a sostegno della legalità directed byVeridiana Cassarisi IIS "Via dell'Immacolata, 47" Civitavecchia(RM)         


15,00  Competition video poetry screening Videoversi - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

             Adult Category

·         Il cappotto verde  by Fabio Lucarelli                      

·         Haiku n.2 by Paolo Di Luca         

·         Io vedo con il cuore  by Silvia Giampà


Student Category

·         Assenza  by  Maria Laura Marino            

·         Sognatore straniero by Alessia Malinconici 

·         Amico Mio by Elisa Corti


15,30: Competition Film Screening: Animation Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

·         O Muro Era Muito Alto (The Wall Was Too High) (Brasil, 2018) directed by Marcelo Marão

·         BusyScreen (Taiwan, 2018) directed by Xie Qi-Feng      

·         The echo of time (Iran, 2018) directed by Mahmoud Atashi

·         The Fox  (Iran,  2018)directed by Sadegh Javadi Nikjeh

·         Cat Lake City (Germany, 2019) directed by Antje Heyn

·         Bioabfall reservat (Biowaste Reserve) (Germany, 2018) directed by Larissa Sharina

·         Krasnoludki (Belarus, 2018) directed by Roman Burmakov        

·         Sugarlove (Italy, 2018) directed by Laura Luchetti

·         La Diosa (The Goddess) (Argentina, 2018) directed by Lisandro Schurjin

·         The usual (Ireland, 2018) directed by Eabha Bortolozzo and Jack Kirwan

·         Chrystus Narodu (Christ of Nation) (Poland, 2018) directed by Ewa Drzewicka

·         A face without a heart (United Kingdom, 2018) directed by Xinning Liu

·         Roundabout (USA, 2018) directed by Noah Gavrich



17,00: Competition Film Screening : Italian Feature Film - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

Famosi in 7 giorni (Italy, 2018) directed by Gianluca Vannucci

Ore 18,30: Competition Film Screening : Italian Feature Film - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

Profondo  (Italy, 2018) directed by Giuliano Giacomelli


21,00:  Sala Morricone: Video Festival del Mare – music video contest. Evening hosted by Floriana Gigli and Luigi Florio. Organized by Movimento per la Vita, Civitavecchia. Artistic Director: Pietro Giorgetti.



10,00: Out of Competition Film Screening - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

Short films of Jilin Animation Institute (China)

·         (Letter) (China, 2018) directed by Huo Chunfu

·         相争 (Bait) (China, 2018) directed by Liu Chang

·         (Chimaera) (China, 2018) directed by Steve Scott Brown and Liu Jiayi


The best of Ural animation short films  - Selection curated by festival Kinoproba (Russia)

·         Девочка Дура (The Foolish Girl) (Russia, 2006)directed by Zoya Kireyeva

·         Ряба (Ryaba) (Russia, 2006) directed by Grigory Malishev

·         Снежинка (Snowflake) (Russia, 2012) directed by Natalia Chernisheva


·         Juan Brito: Tamia (Spain, 2019) directed by Alfonso Palazón

·         La prochaine fois (France, 2019) directed by Clémence de Rouvray

·         Würstel: Memorie di una casalinga inquieta  (Italy, 2018) directed by Fabio Luigi Lionello

·         Switch (Italy, 2019) directed byAndrea Vella and Martina Vacca

·         Green (Italy, 2019) directed by Gualtiero Serafini

·         I had better be Satanik (Italy, 2019) directed by Andrea Donato

·         Storie da bar (Italy, 2019) directed by Simona Tartaglia

·         Handball Flavioni Sport Documentary (Italy, 2019) directed by Damiano Impiccichè



14,00: Competition Film Screening: Tourism - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

·         Ranisthan (The Queen's Land)(India, 2019) directed by Aditya Sengupta

·         Iran Tour (Travel to Iran) (Iran, 2019) directed by Benyamin Balouchi   

·         Crna Goro (Montenegro) (Montenegro, 2018)   directed by Miki Dragicevic

·         Welcome to Our Home - Quirimbas National Park (Mozambique, 2018) directed by Fabio Ribeiro

·         Discover Jammu (India , 2018) directed by Arunjit Borah            

·         Arz e Pakistan (Land of Pakistan) (Pakistan, 2017) directed by Ali Sohail Jaura

·         Coming up” – Istanbul (Italy, 2018) directed by Yosif Keshk

·         A Guardiã de Naturia (The Guardian of Naturia)  (Portugal ,2017) directed by David Mendes

·         Feel Rhein-Neckar  (Germany , 2018) directed by Isabell Freillinger, Oliver Geibel, Gabriel Sahm, Johannes Rufer and  Alexander  Oettinger

·         Toscana - La terra con le terme dentro (The Way of the Tuscan baths) (Italy, 2018) directed by Lorenzo Frittelli and Dario Monaci

·         ODYSSEY - An Exploration to the North. Hokkaido, Japan (Japan, 2018)directed by Hiroki Ito 

·         Feel Ireland (Ireland ,2018) directed by Ion Sova           

·         Iceland Bike Farm (Slovenia, 2018) directed by Rožle Bregar

·         Be Ready (Italy, 2018) directed by Giacomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi

·         Lisboa, Saudade, Luz (Portugal ,2018) directed by Eduardo Correia Pinto

·         Matosinhos  (Portugal, 2019) directed by Tiago Monteiro

·         Norways National Parks (Germany, 2018) directed by Lucas Dominicus and Kevin Haenni

·         Vrlika - The way of life (Croatia, 2018) directed by Zvonimir Pavlinović

·         Slovenia (The Netherlands, 2019) directed by Lotte Twaalfhoven

·         Rapallo mon Amour (Italy, 2018) directed by Gip Barbeschi

·         Better than mountains - Tourism in Armenia  (Russia, 2018) directed by Janna Tolstikova, Ivan Zakharenko and Andrey  Porshnyak

·         Rabska Fjera – Medieval Summer Festival (Croatia, 2019) directed by Sanjin Badurina

·         The Cruise (Portugal, 2018) directed by António Aleixo


16,00: Competition Film Screening : Italian Feature Film - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

Segretarie- Una vita per il cinema (Italy, 2019) directed by Raffaele Rago and Daniela Masciale







17,30: Out of Competition Film Screening - Cittadella della Musica (sala Morricone)

Short Films of VŠMU - Vysoká Škola Muzických Umení- Filmová a televízna fakulta (Slovakia)


·        Idiot (Slovakia, 2017)  directed by Martina Buchelová

·         M (Slovakia, 2018) directed by Gabriela Gažová

·         Mama. Gabriela. Televízia (Mother. Gabriela. Television) (Slovakia, 2017) directed by Lucia Kašová

·         SelFish (Slovakia, 2017) directed by Lukáš Figeľ

·         Terapia cestou (Therapy by travelling)                (Slovakia, 2017) directed by Michal Baránek

·         Výlet (The Trip) (Slovakia, 2018) directed by Daniel Rihák


19,30Closing of exhibitions.

21,30 Sala Morricone: Ceremony Award with godmother and local authorities. Special Guest actor Gennaro Cannavacciuolo, awarded with ITFF Career Award. Evening hosted by Elisa Tassi and Roberto Luigi Mauri.


-          Photographic Exhibition “Cinema and Myth”, dedicated to Francesco Alessi, renowned still photographer and collaborator of Rossellini, Renoir,Antonioni, Risi, Blasetti.  Exhibition made in collaboration with  S.N.G.C.I (Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani).

-          Exhibition of brand image project by High School Art of Civitavecchia

-Exhibitions of historic cars by the Circuito Storico di  Santa Marinella curated by Daniele Padelletti and private Lambretta moto scooters curated by  Silvestro Guida.


All exhibitions will be open throughout the festival from 14:00 to 19:30.


BOOK LAUNCH AND MEETING- Book exhibition  and book launch in collaboration with Prospettiva Editrice

Wednesday, October  9

10,00 Istituto StendhalMeeting with Bruno Brunori, Chef at Miss Italia

     Thursday October 10

 10:00 Liceo Scientifico G. Galilei -  Book launch : Intervista a Mario Monicelli by Oriana Maerini and Mariano Sabatini.  Moderated by Cristian Bufi

           17:00 Cittadella della Musica - Sala Molinari –Book launch Un falò tra le dune by  Marina    Marucci e Anna Grazia Mastrofilippo. Moderated Cristian Bufi

 18:00 Cittadella della Musica -Sala Molinari – Book Launch Sant'Ana - Incubo in Venezuela by Vincenzo Contino. Moderated by Santo Strati, journalist and publisher. Readings by Mirella Mannozzi.



Friday, October 11

17:00 Cittadella della Musica - Sala Molinari - Book launch : Otto prospettive per un giallo curated by Centro Incontri Culturali 2019. Moderated Cristian Bufi

18:00 Cittadella della Musica -Sala Molinari – Book launch: Dittatori – Hitler e Mussolini tra passioni e potere  by Pino Scaccia e Anna Ravaglione

Sunday, October 13

16:30 Cittadella della Musica - Sala Molinari – preview of  Literary Award Donne tra Ricordi e Futuro - IV edition  with the President Lorena Fiorini.

17:00 Cittadella della Musica - Sala Molinari –Book launch of Fammi Diventare Poesia by Raffaella Lanzetta; moderator  Sandrino Aquilani

18,00Cittadella della Musica -Sala Molinari – Book launch Grunda, l'angelo dalle ali rotte by Emanuela Del Zompo. Moderated by Cristian Bufi


-          Thursday October 10, 10:00: Teatro Comunale Traiano  TUTTODISNEY musical.  Curated by Laura Gurrado and conceived by Gino Saladini (voice over) with Marco Manovelli (Tenore), Elisa Viscarelli (Piano) and Giuseppe Rossi(Piano),


-         Thursday October 10,10:00: Sala conferenze Biblioteca Comunale –Acting Workshop with Andrea Roncato, Simona Tartaglia, Gioia Oddi and Silvia Amato curated by Scuola di cinema online

-         Friday 11 October, 11:00:Sala conferenze Biblioteca Comunale

500th Anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci –preview: Workshop with screening of short film Being Leonardo Da Vinci directed by Massimiliano Finazzer Flory and Filippo Feel Cavalca.

              Moderated by Roberta Galletta.



The programme may be subject to variations .