Tolfa Short Film Festival

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After the opening of the first edition of the ITFF in Bali (Indonesia) and participating at Ekaterinburg (Russia) at the Kinoproba International Film Festival, the International Tour Film Fest receive the Fraternal Festival Award and 2nd place in Wine and Gastronomic category Tourism competition with "Streat Food" at Stars of Wild Beauty International Tourism Film Festival Montenegro which took place on December 25 in Budva, at the luxurious location Hotel Splendid Conference and Spa Resort.


 Yet another recognition to Civitafilmcommission, the international reality of our city that has received many others awards since 2013; from Una Vita per il Cinema (Rome) to the Tourism Film Fest (Lecce), from Split (Croatia) through Porto (Portugal) in 2018. A satisfaction that fills us with joy, not only for the awards received, but for the recognition received from an international jury who understood the cultural and tourism message that we wanted to give of our city.

Piero Pacchiarotti, President of CivitaFilm Commission and producer of Streat Food, tells us: "This idea was born 5 years ago, being part of a package of then innovative ideas produced by Civitafilmcommission to promote our country in the world. With a disproportionate cost / revenue ratio (ridiculously low costs and unlimited visibility) if even today, after 5 years, it is a product capable of winning a gender event. A single day of shooting, a lot of passion, fun and the curious people around the set. local newspapers gave an excellent emphasis to the news, but we had not reckoned with the town's "nomenclature": people saying available only in words to help everyone but in reality unable or more likely only disinterested. The project was rejected, ignored ; someone said "that's great" and nothing else..... there were still no tv shows like Masterchef or Quattro Restauranti, etc. ..... I was fascinated and amused by some American tv format such as Man vs Food. Hence the developement of a different format: instead of going around looking for the most famous street food, we reversed the situation by using one of our own (streat) through the cities in order to create a gourmet sandwich taking inspiration from the most famous local dishes. A project to make our city, our territory, our culture, our products to be known around the world. The pilot episode was directed by Andrea Donato - currently employed at Rai - and after years was pick up when we decided to "dust it off", make english language subtitls and present it at Stars of Wild Beauty Festival where it gets the right recognition , opening the doors for a circuit that embraces many Eastern European countries. The two prizes were delivered personally to Francesco Capuano, technical director of ITFF Civitavecchia. Who knows if now, given the strong increase at the cruise port , are in the right time to propose new ideas to promote our city. "


"Montenegro absolutely deserves a film festival like Stars of Wild Beauty" - declares Francesco Capuano about the Montenegrin experience - "and there are many hidden gems of the country to be shown to the international audience. This festival represents the beginning of a great friendship and important cultural exchanges, ideas and projects and always thanks to the cinema. We are very honored and happy to have taken part in the spectacular award ceremony, showing the best of film tourism but also the local traditions of the country which immediately gained the attention of the audience.I would like to thank the President Miki Dragicevic for the invitation, a person with a great sympathy and professionalism. Congratulations also to all the staff for the perfect organization; I wish good luck for the next editions of the festival, which will soon see also the involvement of International Tour Film Festival. "