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The Juries of side competitions 2020




In this section we publish the Jury 
of the side competitions of edition 2020.





The jury of VideoVersi competition




Her passion for radio was born in school, and after her entrance in radio in 1983,  become winner "Supersfidadj" Raistereouno show. Since that moment her career extended from tv to event hosts always organized by Rai. Currently she is radio speaker at Isoradio. 




After classical studies, in 1999 she founded the publishing house Prospettiva Editrice, where she carried out layout work until 2014. She later became director and editorial director.
In the last twenty years she took part of the organizations of various literary festivals throughout Italy. She organizes and participates as a jury member in various literary prizes in Italy an worldwide.



Graduated in Literature, Music and Entertainment at the "Sapienza" University of Rome, then in Sociology at the University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", in History of Art always in Marche. He made his debut as actor in 1998 and continued attending courses in actor, direction, videofilmaker, screenplay at the Pino Quartullo School of the Arts, continuing his research individually, creating the Skenexodia theatrical association in 2004. Despite his young age he  already managed 85 projects as director, a dozen videos and he is the author of thirty unpublished texts, some published by the publishing house Le Mezzelane in the collection "Sagittario, ascendente pesci...dicono!"



 Jury of MusiCosplay competition



Clara Serina, Italian-Brazilian, is the famous female lead voice of Cavalieri del Re ensemble since the 1980s, acronyms of numerous opening of several cartoons broadcast in Italy, (about 60 songs) as The Rose of Versailles, King Arthur, Ai no Gakko Cuore Monogatari, Honey Honey no Suteki na Bouken, and many others. In the following years Clara Serina devoted herself to the activity of psychotherapist, also becoming Professor at the Institute of Psychology in Milan in the field of Clinical Psychology and Observation Methodology. Clara Serina appeared in numerous events and fairs related to the world of comics and animation such as Lucca Comics & Games, Rimini Comics, Romics, Etna comics and many others. She appeared in numerous national television programs like I migliori Anni, Matricole and Meteore, I Soliti ignoti with Fabrizio Frizzi, Libero with Paola Cortellesi, Macchemu, Uno Mattina, Quelli che il Calcio with Cecchetto. 



Matteo Fascianelli began studying and reproducing Japanese comics around the age of six yers old developing his own and inventing personal stories, becoming very familiar with the use of nibs and pencils. At the age of 12 he becomes very familiar with the inking he performs directly in his comics without using the pencil as a structure. At the age of 14 he became passionate about national and international cinema and studied in depth many American films in strictly technical aspects such as video editing, visual effects and directing, also learning many technical / practical aspects. In the meantime, he attended high school in the artistic high school where he found solid artistic foundations in sculpture, painting, pencil drawing, technical drawing and the study of works of art in the history of art, which gave him a compositional rapidity. more and more performing in their jobs. At the age of 17, with all the knowledge metabolized in previous years, between cinema and traditional art, he approaches the American and French comics, both very vast and versatile sectors of which he studies drawing, inking and writing techniques, which bring him to perform graphic novels and comics for the social, also developing graphic solutions for third parties, such as for the Rome symphony orchestra and various sports magazines. This happens while he is in high school, where he also performs a lesson to his peers during the cinematography course, concerning the film and the art of comics of "sin city" by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. After leaving high school he worked in editorial offices of graphic magazines, t-shirt companies, in addition to works for private individuals on commission and deepening his studies on comics, cinema and digital editing, a choice that led him to enroll in the Academy of fine arts in Rome, where he finds courses related to his artistic aspirations. After completing the academy of fine arts, he began studying 3D modeling and animation programs, specializing in printing and creating sculptures and statues, concluding his 360-degree artistic preparation. Right now he works as an artist in the field of sculpture, painting, illustration, cartoon, graphics, web design, cartoon animation and as a teacher of art and drawing in middle school and in his private course DREAMART . At the same time, he organizes exhibitions, fairs and conventions on the theme of which he is an entrepreneur, also becoming manager of other artists.



FRANCESCA BUTTARAZZI  known with the stage name FIORE DI LUNA

After 8 years of study as a chorister, she finally arrives at his solo career by combining his singing skills with the passion for cosplay, which she has been cultivating since 2009.
For about 6 years she has been performing in cosplay interpreting Disney and Cartoons songs at private events, festivals in shopping centers, tourist villages and numerous comic fairs throughout Italy (Romics, Torre Con in Brescia, Cartoon Village in Manciano, Pescara Comics, Genova Comics, Lamezia Comics and many others).
In 2016 she was one of the official singers of the theme song of Sailor Moon Crystal broadcast on RAI and the theme song of Enchantimals for MATTEL. She also lent her voice for the sung part of cartoons such as Peppa Pig and Onion & Apple.
In 2018 Fiore began attending the acting school Casa del Teatro e del Cinema directed by Claudio Insegno, with whom she also participated in the show "La lampada di Aladino" produced and directed by Giulio Pangi.
In 2019 she attended as competitor at the talent show "All Together Now" directed by Roberto Cenci with Michelle Hunziker and J Ax, thanks to whom she meets the producer Deville with whom she has made 4 new releases so far and are currently working on the first album with the record label Albachiara Records.



 Francesca Bellino was born in Salerno and lives in Rome. She is a writer, journalist, presenter and radio and television author. For years he has been dealing with culture and transculturality, the female world and human rights in the Arab-Mediterranean area, with particular attention to the relations between the southern and northern shores of the Mediterranean. She collaborates with several Italian and foreign newspapers and is the author, among others, of the novel Sul corno del rinoceronte (L’asino d’oro, 2014),, Il prefisso di Dio. Storie e labirinti di Once, Buenos Aires (Infinito, 2008), reportage Uno sguardo più in là (Aram, 2010), novel Sale (Lite Editions, 2013), essays Non sarà un’avventura. Lucio Battisti e il jazz italiano” (Elleu, 2004), E’ ancora vivo. Lucio Battisti risorge attraverso i mezzi di comunicazione (Sottotraccia, 2000 stories published in anthologies and programs and audio-documentaries broadcast on RadioRai3, including Rotta la Galite, l’altra PonzaIl Ponte. Storie degli italiani di Tunisia, Ramadan all’occidentaleL’età ribelleChiamatemi Fufi. Storia di una femministaLa voce degli alberi In 2009 he received the Olaf award at Premio Cronista-Piero Passetti for a report on selective public abortion in India on Ñ, Clarin's cultural supplement. In 2013 she received the Talea Journalistic Award for the Glossario del cronista onesto on Migration themes, published byLimes. In 2015 she represented Italy at the III Euro-Maghreb meeting of writers in Tunis dedicated to the Frontier Literature organized by the European Union. For the narratives dedicated to the Arab-Mediterranean world he received numerous awards, including in 2015 at the Prata Prize and in 2016 at the Marzani Prize. From 2019 he brings on stage the musical reading The free song of the Mediterranean stars (published in the Palco da Fusibilia series) dedicated to the stories of the Arab-Mediterranean singer. Her blog Cronache del piacere  is dedicated to the poet Alfonso Gatto.



Enzo De Carlo, born in 1945, has been interested in musical organizations and major events for more than 40 years, starting in Calabria during 1980s for events like: Vasco Rossi, Claudio Baglioni, Fabrizio De André, Rino Gaetano, Lucio Dalla, Gianni Morandi, Massimo Ranieri, Franco Battiato, I Pooh, Zucchero, Toquino and many others. As its business evolves, he managed shows for theaters and amphitheatres both in Calabria and in other Italian cities, such as the tour by Leonardo Pieraccioni, Giorgio Panariello, Teo Teocoli, Beppe Grillo, Enrico Montesano and others. In recent years he produces and distributes theatrical performances such as: "La Lauda di Francesco" by and with Angelo Branduardi and "Ciao Frankie!" with Massimo Lopez, Katia Ricciarelli with the Orchestra of Puglia and Basilicata and the voice of the Tenor Francesco Zingariello. Since 2005 he is the owner of the brand "Il Cantagiro", a well-known musical events which gained its acclaim in RAI broadcast during the 1970s. In 2005 he produced two evenings from Campione d'Italia (CO) broadcast on RAI DUE, in 2006 an evening at Nocera Inferiore (SA) broadcast on RAISAT EXTRA and in 2007 two evenings from Amantea (CS) broadcast on RAISAT EXTRA. He oversaw the artistic direction of the theaters of Rossano (CS) in the years 2008/2009 2009/2010 2010/2011. He curated the Artistic Direction of the Soverato Theater (CZ) in the years 2010/2011, Artistic Direction of the "The Other Theater" Review at the A. Rendano Theater of Cosenza for 11 Editions. Associated in "ASSOMUSICA", the most important Italian Music Association composed of managers, producers and national promoters of live music, holding the office of Auditor Auditor for 9 years. He is currently personally involved in promoting and attending the many initiatives which Il Cantagiro carries out in all regions of Italy and participates in International Festivals twinned with the Competition, to name a few: Montreal Festival "SuperFantastico" - Zurich Festival - Malta festival.



Ilaria De Rosa was born in Rome in 1990. From an early age she showed her great passion for music by starting to study the piano and to sing. In 2011 she made her debut at the Arena in Verona with the musical Peter Pan in the role of Tiger Lily under the direction of Maurizio Colombi and the music by Edoardo Bennato. Subsequently she focused on original music with Mariagrazia Fontana, with whom the first single Svendo i miei perché. At the same time she continued her passion for theater debuting alongside Enrico Brignano in the show Enricomincio da me in the role of Giulietta. Flashdance in the role of Kiki, directed by Chiara Noschese, stage entertainment. Balliamo sul mondo directed by Chiara Noschese, music by Luciano Ligabue in the role of Carmen. At the same time she is a voice actress for numerous animated series by Walt Disney including Elena of Avalor, Rapunzel, Steven Universe, Home. She made her film debut becoming the official sung voice of Emma Watson in the role of Belle in the remake of Beauty and the Beast with the music of Alan Menken. Wreck it Ralph dubbing sung by Vanellope. Playmobil: The Movie sung dubbing by Marla Brenner. Lady and The Tramp (Disney+)  as singing voice of Darling.



Radio / TV author, actor, voice actor, voice over. After a long theatrical experience, he studied dubbing with Gaia Bolognesi, Massimiliano Rossi and Donatella Fantini, and later writing, conducting and radio organization with Marco Minelli. He worked in the field of dubbing with, among others: Chiara Colizzi, Monica Ward, Liliana Sorrentino, Lucio Saccone, Ludovica Modugno, taking part in TV series, many documentaries, films and commercials. As an author and narrator, after an experience at Radio Club 91, he worked at Ram Power RDS, a national radio network (on the website the program I Grandi della Musica) and collaborated with RAI and Fremantle as actor and voiceover. 


The jury of literary competition "Libri  all'ITFF"


Degree in Italian Studies (Letters) at the La Sapienza University of Rome.

First experiences in cultural associations, author of theatrical texts, one of which was selected by RAI for participation in a national training course that will take place in Turin to prepare young theatrical authors and screenwriters for television language and collaboration with Rai itself. In the 60s and 70s he worked actively in the editorial office of the Samonà and Savelli publishing house and then Edizioni Savelli. With the same publishing house he translates and edits various volumes.
In 1982 he was elected to the Lazio Regional Council from which he resigned in September 1983, to taking up as Mayor of Civitavecchia, which he held the role until February 1991.
In April 1998 he was appointed Superintendent of the Traiano Municipal Theater of Civitavecchia and in September of the same year a member of the Board of Directors of the Teatro di Roma.
He will return to direct the Teatro Comunale Traiano in the years 2012 / 2014. Author of some publishing including the essays Prigionieri di un Incubo – gli anni di piombo della Giustizia and Civitavecchia e il Teatro, both edited by Gangemi Editore.
Currently among the promoters and collaborators of Spazioliberoblog.



Graduated in philosophy from the Sapienza University of Rome, he worked in the Roman editorial office of the Geographical Institute De Agostini, then he taught Italian and History in the technical institutes and subsequently Philosophy and History in the classical high school.
He is currently active in theater as a director, author, actor. He is also the creator and conductor of cultural events to communicate theatrical thinking and present literature in scenic form.

Graduated in Classical Literature at the Sapienza University of Rome, she taught letters to secondary schools and later Italian and Latin to the scientific high school GAlilei ... she conceived and coordinated with prof Elena Renzi a theatrical-musical laboratory at the same high school. together with prof Adele Zirulia has collaborated and collaborates with Unitre with the Fidapa Association, with the Conservatory, offering cultural meetings on "the world of emotions" through reflections and monologues (from literature, cinema, theater). Accompanied by music and images. 

Graduated in Classical Letters and Philosophy at the La Sapienza University of Rome. First teacher of Italian and History in Technical Institutes, then teacher of Latin and Greek in classical high schools. She has been part of Commissions for the evaluation of high school Certamine of Greek and Latin. She has collaborates together with Professor Vera Improta at Unitre, with Associazione Fidapa and with the Conservatory. 


Professor of philosophy, history and literary subjects, she is also a trainer for teachers of: education for legality-education for peace-environmental education-theater workshops.
Coordinator of the NANA NEW AUTHORS FOR EUROPE Literary Competition for Avagliano Editore. Coordinator of the Competition for prose-poetry -drawing and creative writing In collaboration with THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION.
Selection jury of the VOCI DI CASA literary competition with the Municipality of Rome Mission to Paris and Geneva as representative of the Italian school for crime prevention and peace education.
President of the National Cultural Association ARCOSPAZIOCULTURA which for 40 years has encouraged, promoted and stimulated the interest in reading and creative writing through the meeting-debate with contemporary writers. Honorary partner to collaborate LUCIANO DE CRESCENZO.
Other collaborations with: DACIA MARAINI for the Fiction; ELIO PECORA for poetry; ROBERTO VACCA for the environment; SABINO CASSESE for legality ..


Federica Marchetti is a writer, freelance, blogger, webmaster and art director. She was born in Viterbo on January 28, 1966: on the same day in 1547 King Henry VIII Tudor died and in 1813 Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was published. He made his debut in his early twenties with poetry. She graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures with her thesis on the French writer Léo Malet. In 2000 he created the fanzine on the yellow "Il Gatto Nero" (which later became webzine). In addition to collaborating with sites and magazines (articles, reviews and interviews), he organized and participated in around 300 cultural meetings, he curated the 3 editions of the "Viterbo in Giallo" review. In his city he collaborates with "Caffeina Cultura", he takes care of reading clubs (now in his 10th year) and has organized dinners with a crime (also writing the texts). Author of fiction, non-fiction and a curious autobiographical volume, she has published 18 books so far.


The jury of  "Citizens aware and active for the landscape and the environment" video contest


 EZIO SINA (President)

National President of APIDGE, the professional association of teachers of legal and economic sciences, lecturer and expert on regulatory aspects, organization and research of the Public Administration, expert in the field of training, collaborates and coordinates research and innovation structures in the world of Work and Professions.He is particularly involved in the world of information and the media.





Born in Rome of 5.50 kg after 10 months of pregnancy, he never recovered excess weight or delayed month. He wanted to become a doctor, he preferred to be sick. For twelve years he has lived with Parkinson's, and proudly claims to be a magistrate who trembles without fear. He was a lawyer, then judge of the trial and preliminary investigations. Creator of the White Night of Legality which opened the Court of Rome to about 5000 children. His motto is: "we are all hanging by a thread, and I am also overweight".



Miriam Mirolla teaches Psychology of Art and Theory of Perception and Psychology of Form at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Since 1986 she has carried out research at the Jartrakor Experimental Study Center in Rome, publishes scientific articles on the Journal of Art Psychology and starts his activity as an Eventualist artist. In 1991 she worked at the PS1 Institute of Contemporary Art in New York. She publishes books and essays, including: "Arte del Novecento, 1945-2001", Mondadori ; "“Amore e Psiche, Storyboard di un mito", Electa; "L’Arte che anticipa il Futuro", Edizioni LAP; “Specchio Tachistoscopico con Stimolazione a sognare. Scritti e Ricerche ”, LAP Editions. As an experimental artist, she created numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including: "The Tour of the House," Jartrakor Rome, "Letture Interattive: la Costituzione Italiana", 798 Art District, Beijing. Among his numerous experiments, in 2018 he began: "Interactive Reading: the Italian Constitution", a didactic interaction project with Bookcity Milan and MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome which is among the most advanced proposals on a national scale for the Civic Education and Digital Citizenship. Since 2010 he is Scientific Director of LAP - Laboratory of Art Psychology.