Tolfa Short Film Festival

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The staff

Direction of Festival           


Piero Pacchiarotti (President and Festival Director)
President and founder of CivitaFilmCommission; Project Manager series TV Casting Community or
Audizionionline (2008); Producer of the TV series Generation Book - Books on TV (2010); Artistic Director
TolfaShortFilm Festival (since 2012); Vice Chairman and organizer of the event Roberto Rossellini (2013); member of the juri at 4° International Festival Se.Ma.For. in Lodz (Poland - 2013). Delegation ACE Fair 2014 - Gwangju - South Korea. Award: 34nd Gold Medals: Plate Special "A life for the Cinema" Rome 2014; 32nd European Award For The Tourism and Hospitality - Split 2014.


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+39 328 0516676

Luc Toutounghi (Artistic Director)
A graduate of Vancouver College in 1980, Luc is the CEO of Se-ma-for Produkcja Filmowa in Lodz, Poland; is a member of the GSFA (Groupement Suisse du Film d'Animation) SFP (Swiss Producer Association) and the Polish Filmmakers assosiation. From 1984 to 1998, he gained experience in the financial industry working for various companies of Film Finance and in 2009 joined the Se-ma-for Studios,  first as a business developer, then COO and finally CEO. Luc is also Director of the 'International Animation Festival SMF, specializing in the art of Stop Motion.


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+39 329 9884005



Operative Direction  

Andrea Donato (Thecnical Director)
Director and scriptwriter, he is the president of the Association of Audiovisual production Alidant Group. He has held the position of TV director in various private Italian broadcasters and for some major events. He is co-partner of CivitaFilmCommission. Since 2011 he also holds the position of operative director for the TolfaShortFilmFest.


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+39 328 1987695


 Francesco Capuano                                                                                          

Degree in Cultural Heritage Administration at University of Naples Federico II with a dissertation on film history, joins a workshoop about film editing under guidance of Marco Spoletini. After volunteering as archivist at Santa Sofia Medial Library, collaborated with Procida Film Festival and Terra di Tutti Film Fesival as filmaker and traslator.

Marina Marucci (Coordinator of Literary Events)

Always engaged in social work, she volunteers at the "Women's Council of Civitavecchia" and in other non-profit associations. She worked in primary schools organizing poetry and theater workshops. She currently writes on "Spazio Libero Blog" and collaborates with the director Donatella Baglivo in organizing film exhibitions such as "Il potere del cinema: Andrey Tarkovsky" and in the drafting of film scripts. She wrote his first book with Anna Grazia Mastrofilippo entitled "Un falò tra le dune". Her second novel "Segreti in Certosa" is dedicated to the Certosa di Trisulti has just been published.


 Communication Area International Tour Film Fest



Roberta Nardi  (Press Office at ITFF)

Roberta Nardi has been a journalist since 2013 and works in the national territory as a press office and event organization, with a five-year degree in Law, a post-graduate degree in legal professions and a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Communication on Social Media at the LUISS University. She collaborated with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the Ordinary Court of Rome, Aracne Publishing, LUMSA University and ROMA TRE. She has been editor of several journals of law, culture and information such as La Voce del Diritto and Italia Informa. Editor of Gazzetta di, editor-in-chief of I-Moviez Magazine, Break magazine, Cineclan, Exito Style, ClickMag, Gazzetta di, and Mondo Spettacolo. She conceived and conducted the #tralerighe TV format on local broadcasts


Consultant in international public relation

 Eun Kyoung Kim,  nome d'arte Benedetta Kim (Opera Soprano Singer.)

Ferrara Film Commission; CivitaFilmCommission Honorary Member. Art Director of Ferrara Telethon. Adviser and Ambassador of Korea & America Friendship Society, Pyeongtaek of South Korea. Director to Italy Department at Chango Lee Speech Leadership Istitute of South Korea.


Responsible Istitutional Relations

Ezio Sina

National President of APIDGE, the professional association of teachers of legal and economic sciences, lecturer and expert on regulatory aspects, organization and research of the Public Administration, expert in the field of training, collaborates and coordinates research and innovation structures in the world of Work and Professions.He is particularly involved in the world of information and the media.

Consultant for the Selection

associated with the National Film School di Lodz

associated with Stockholms Filmskola


Stockholm Film School, founded in 1984, is a dedicated education that focuses entirely on practical filmmaking. We offer a longer basic education and several short courses within specific areas of use.

Stockholm Film School has a long experience of professional filmmaking and teaching. Our model is to attach great importance to storytelling within all disciplines, and that our students get a good education in script writing, directing, cinematography, editing, sound and production.


associated with The Marina Razbezhkina and Mikahil Ugarov School of Documentary Film and Theatre

  associated with Jilin Animation Institute (China)



School Project Manager 

Gloria Trotti      

Shoool Project Manager  for I.T.F.F.; Director of Short Film, collaborated with EMRO Video Production and leads cultural radio programs and topilcal; for many years it has been active in cultural promotion of its territory.            



 Graphic Design